Return to normality: Local sports teams receive boost

Cambridge-based materials supplier, Goodfellow, is supporting regional sports teams as the teams strive to return to normality following the pandemic.

Regional sports teams, Astros Netball Team in Bedfordshire and NC Badminton Club in Manchester, have received sponsorships to help in the return to both casual and competitive sport.

Goodfellow will be the new kit sponsor for Astros Netball Team, covering the cost of new netball dresses for games in the Heritage Netball League in Bedfordshire. The team are hoping to play as part of England Netball’s ‘Return to Netball’ plan, which is aiming to see organised sporting events take place with no further interruptions.

The second team to receive sponsorship from Goodfellow is NC Badminton Club, a social and beginners club that prides itself on being an LGBTQ+ all-abilities inclusive club. The funds will be used towards club shirts and equipment, such as shuttlecocks.

Goodfellow Global Marketing Manager Joel Aleixo comments: “We’re really happy to support these teams and help sporting events start up again when and where we can.

“It’s particularly important for us to support inclusive teams like NC Badminton Club, who aim to provide a safe space for all members – helping to overcome the history of homophobia in professional sports.

“At Goodfellow, we’re proud to support good causes – whether that’s helping to provide the materials that assist manufacturers with their next big innovation or aiding local sports teams in getting back to doing what they love!”

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