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Goodfellow Attends The Advanced Materials Show 2024
Materials science focuses on how different materials work & what we can do with them. Researchers in materials science develop and study...
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May 22, 2024
Goodfellow revealed as a The Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Work 2024 – Medium Organisation’ accreditation recipient
Goodfellow is proud to have been announced as a ‘Best Places to Work 2024 – Medium Organisation’ accreditation recipient by The Sunday...
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May 10, 2024
Citizen Science 101
A citizen scientist is someone who is not a trained or professional scientist but helps to conduct & contribute to scientific research to...
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May 8, 2024

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Ep# 7 - Additive materials in 3D printing and how big is the sun?

Dr. Aphrodite Tomou

Additive materials in 3D printed rocket nozzles for use in space travel. Plus they talk about Aphrodite and Goodfellow’s Karin Hildyard 10k walk for Cancer Research.

EP# 6 - Origami trains and ant-scaling Nerf guns!                                    

Dr. Aphrodite Tomou

Talk Goodfellow's Channel Partner program, sustainable materials, and the fascinating world of folding sheet metal to make stronger trains and miniaturising children's toys.

EP# 5 - The properties of Iron and Nickel make the Earth turn

Dr. Aphrodite Tomou

The Earth’s core that leads to a conversation around the properties of nickel and iron and the products and services Goodfellow offer around these materials.            

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