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Working with customers in the mining and metals sector, we understand that technological advancement, automation, and digitalization are revolutionizing your sector, while you are faced with challenges of environmental stability, resource depletion, and responsible mining practices.

The team here at Goodfellow is here to support you with the supply of our 170,000 advanced materials and product customization services.

Enabling the Metals & Mining Sector with Advanced Materials & Technical Solutions | GoodfellowEnabling the Metals & Mining Sector with Advanced Materials & Technical Solutions | Goodfellow


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Navigating the Exponential Demand for Metals | GoodfellowNavigating the Exponential Demand for Metals | Goodfellow

The Exponential Demand for Metals

As we are moving to Net Zero we are witnessing raw materials demand increase, such as cobalt and lithium for electric vehicle batteries. Metals will play a pivotal role in decarbonization efforts as the global economy shifts from fossil fuels to solar, electric, wind, hydro, thermal, and other sustainable energy sources.

With mining and metals companies demonstrating a capability to meet the demand for the World Bank's identified 17 separate minerals, by working with Goodfellow you do not need to navigate the complexities of supply chain bottlenecks, price fluctuations, extended lead times, ethical exploration, and more. Our team is happy to support you.

Our Product Range

At Goodfellow, we offer a comprehensive range of high-purity materials relevant to your applications, including:

  • Zirconium Crucibles
  • Lithium Foil
  • Platinum Pellets
  • Silver Pellets
  • Aluminium Pellets
  • Copper Pellets
Advanced Materials Products for the Mining & Metals Sector | GoodfellowAdvanced Materials Products for the Mining & Metals Sector | Goodfellow

Popular Products

Your Expert Partner in Metals

The mining and metals sector often relies on the expertise of materials engineers and scientists to help.

We are well placed to help mining and metals companies with materials selection, testing on large capital equipment projects, and design criteria optimization for demanding in-service applications or for product development or research.

We work with you to substantially mitigate downtime risks while enhancing performance levels and throughput.

Advanced Materials Expertise & Support for the Mining & Metals Sector | GoodfellowAdvanced Materials Expertise & Support for the Mining & Metals Sector | Goodfellow

Why Goodfellow?

  • No minimum order
  • Over 170,000 advanced materials: in one place, one of the largest range available globally
  • Materials selection, customization and development: from custom parts for prototyping through to production, and full product modification
  • Product services: machining/cutting services, rolling and metal foil production, analytical services to custom wire manufacturing, and more, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs
  • Free and fast delivery: Worldwide shipping and custom clearance, to your door. All orders are dispatched within 48 hours
  • Commercial arrangements: from call off orders, buffer stock, fixed and contract pricing and discounts for increased volumes, and more, with product traceability and compliance documentation
  • We help you innovate into the future.

*Conditions apply

Understanding the Mining & Metals Supply Chain Risks | GoodfellowUnderstanding the Mining & Metals Supply Chain Risks | Goodfellow

Understanding the Supply Chain Risks

The global population growth, coupled with increasing urbanisation and industrialization, is driving the rise in demand for raw materials.

Furthermore, many of the reserves identified for future exploration lie in developing economies where political instabilities and inadequate infrastructure, together with protectionism and growing resistance to globalization, remain. For instance, 60% of the world’s cobalt is sourced as a by-product of copper mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where concerns about child labour and political upheavals prevail.

Thus, the mining and metals sector will need to adapt to volatility in their supply chains.

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About Goodfellow

For over 75 years, we've been your trusted partner in scientific advancement, supporting researchers and businesses globally with high-quality advanced materials.

Our comprehensive catalogue features over 170,000 speciality materials, forms and components, which are available from small research quantities to larger production requirements. We offer you fast dispatch and complimentary global delivery, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.