Supporting the Development of Battery Technology

We see our customers in the energy storage and batteries sectors rapidly developing as renewable energy adoption is more feasible and widespread as unit costs are reducing in price.

Of the wide range of energy storage solutions, we know that lithium-ion batteries are predicted to become the cheapest and main battery technology of the future. Whether including graphite structures, and lithium complexes, including lithium titanate, here at Goodfellow we have a range of materials to support your need for small-quantity specialist materials.

For alternative battery applications, such as potassium ion batteries, other mineral solutions are available beyond lithium, cobalt and liquid metal batteries, such as sulfur for electrodes.  Where unusual combinations of materials are required that are of very high purities and qualities, with over 170,000 advanced materials available, our expert Technical Solutions team of scientists and engineers offers you support for your product customization needs. Our customers pride us on quality, professional support and speed. Goodfellow’s materials all meet the ISO 9001 standards and accreditation.

Advanced Materials to Support the Development of Battery Technology | GoodfellowAdvanced Materials to Support the Development of Battery Technology | Goodfellow
Advanced Materials for Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Technologies  | GoodfellowAdvanced Materials for Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Technologies  | Goodfellow

Next-gen Lithium-ion Energy Storage Technologies

We offer a range of new lithium-ion battery anode materials, including lithium titanium oxide (LI4Ti5O12), a key material in next-generation lithium-ion energy storage technologies due to its excellent safety properties, cyclic performance and very high-rate capabilities.

For cathodes we also supply lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) for solid-state energy storage devices, lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) as an environmentally friendly alternative and lithium nickel manganese oxide (LiN0.5Mn1.5O4), another next-generation battery material that has high thermal stability and offers a nontoxic alternative.


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Our Product Range

At Goodfellow, we offer a comprehensive range of high-purity materials relevant to your applications, including:

  • Lithium Foil
  • PVDF Films and Sheets
  • Graphite Foil
  • Zinc Foil
  • Nickel Foil
  • Vitreous Glassy Carbon (VGC) Foam
Advanced Materials Products for Energy Storage & Battery Technology | GoodfellowAdvanced Materials Products for Energy Storage & Battery Technology | Goodfellow

Popular Products

Your Partner for Advanced Materials & Technical Solutions for Energy Storage and Battery Technology | GoodfellowYour Partner for Advanced Materials & Technical Solutions for Energy Storage and Battery Technology | Goodfellow

Partnering with You

Our range of materials can provide for all aspects of energy storage device design such as graphite designs and auxiliary chemicals to ensure the right battery performance.

Additional services we offer include in-house sputtering capabilities and can provide some materials, such as those for solid anodes as sputtering targets or in powder form, depending on application requirements.

Goodfellow can provide entirely unique high-quality materials to achieve these goals and minimize research and development time by ensuring that all tested systems are well-characterized and profiled with excellent quality control in production.

Why Goodfellow?

  • No minimum order
  • Over 170,000 advanced materials: in one place, one of the largest range available globally
  • Materials selection, customization and development: from custom parts for prototyping through to production, and full product modification
  • Product services: machining/cutting services, rolling and metal foil production, analytical services to custom wire manufacturing, and more, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs
  • Free and fast delivery: Worldwide shipping and custom clearance, to your door. All orders are dispatched within 48 hours
  • Commercial arrangements: from call off orders, buffer stock, fixed and contract pricing and discounts for increased volumes, and more, with product traceability and compliance documentation
  • We help you innovate into the future.

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About Goodfellow

For over 75 years, we've been your trusted partner in scientific advancement, supporting researchers and businesses globally with high-quality advanced materials.

Our comprehensive catalog features over 170,000 speciality materials, forms and components, which are available from small research quantities to larger production requirements. We offer you fast dispatch and complimentary global delivery, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.