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    • PES - Polyethersulfone - Vara

      Polyethersulfone can be used in the temperature range from -100 to +200 °C and are used for electrical equipment, in vehicle construction and medical technology. It is composed of para-linked aromatics, sulfonyl groups and ether groups and partly also alkyl groups. Polysulfones have outstanding resistance to heat and oxidation, hydrolysis resistance to aqueous and alkaline media and good electrical properties

      Vara - Longitud recta de material de sección circular.

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    Producto SU30-RD-000125 Poliétersulfona - Vara Diámetro 25.4mm Longitud 10mm - 2000mm
    Producto SU30-RD-000144 Poliétersulfona - Vara Diámetro 44mm Longitud 10mm - 500mm
    Producto SU30-RD-000160 Poliétersulfona - Vara Diámetro 60mm Longitud 10mm - 1000mm
    Producto SU30-RD-000170 Poliétersulfona - Vara Diámetro 70mm Longitud 10mm - 1000mm
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