Ideal for Precision and Stability

With its exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, this versatile polyester thin film has become a preferred material for applications requiring precision and stability across aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical industries as well as other sectors.

It can also be tailored for specific applications through various treatments, including coatings or surface modifications, further expanding its use.

Mylar®, ideal for precision and stability | GoodfellowMylar®, ideal for precision and stability | Goodfellow


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Product Benefits

Mylar offers a host of outstanding properties that makes it ideal for highly specialized applications including:

Excellent Thermal, Electrical and Chemical PropertiesExcellent Thermal, Electrical and Chemical Properties

Excellent Thermal, Electrical and Chemical Properties

Mylar is renowned for withstanding extreme temperatures, making it suitable for high-temperature environments. It also demonstrates exceptional electrical insulation properties, making it invaluable in electronic applications and exhibits excellent chemical resistance, ensuring durability in harsh environments. 

Mechanical Resilience and StabilityMechanical Resilience and Stability

Mechanical Resilience and Stability

Highly resistant to vibrations, Mylar is ideal for applications that encounter mechanical stress. Its exceptional stability and dimensional precision ensure long-lasting performance. 

Gas and Aroma BarrierGas and Aroma Barrier

Gas and Aroma Barrier

Mylar PET plastic acts as an effective barrier against unwanted gas exchange, making it a preferred choice for packaging and preservation. It also serves as an aroma barrier, protecting contents from external odors and maintaining product quality. 

Transparent and Reflective PropertiesTransparent and Reflective Properties

Transparent and Reflective Properties

As it maintains excellent optical clarity, Mylar allows for light transmission in various applications, while its reflective capabilities see it used for applications that require reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and reflective coatings.

Helping you choose the right Mylar® product for your requirements | GoodfellowHelping you choose the right Mylar® product for your requirements | Goodfellow

Choosing the Right Product

Goodfellow offers a range of Mylar products in different forms that cater to diverse industry needs including:

  • Mylar Film: Available in various thicknesses, Mylar film is a versatile option for applications requiring excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability
  • Mylar Foils: We provide Mylar foils in different sizes, ensuring precise customization for specific applications
  • Mylar Coils: These are used in manufacturing processes that require consistent and continuous production.

Our Mylar range complies with European Directives 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3) and 2000/53/EC (ELV), ensuring their environmental friendliness. Additionally, we hold certifications for ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, demonstrating our dedication to quality and safety.

Our Product Range

We offer the following Mylar products:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate/PET Films and Sheets
  • 99.99% Gold Permanent Mylar Thin Film
  • 99.999% Aluminum Coated Temporary Mylar Thin Film
  • 99.9% Cobalt Permanent Mylar Thin Film
  • 99.99% Platinum Permanent Mylar Thin Film

With years of experience working across industries from electronics and aerospace to automotive and medical, we'll ensure you’re making the most of the precision, reliability and versatility it provides.

Our industry-leading Technical Solutions team is ready and waiting to identify the right products for your project.

This service is completely free as we are committed to providing an exceptional level of service that enables you to deliver groundbreaking scientific advancements that shape the future.

Our Mylar® product range for your requirements | GoodfellowOur Mylar® product range for your requirements | Goodfellow

Popular Mylar Products


Mylar® for archival storage applications | GoodfellowMylar® for archival storage applications | Goodfellow

Archival Storage

Mylar's transparent and archival qualities make it suitable for archival storage, protecting documents from degradation over time.  

Mylar® for musical instrument applications | GoodfellowMylar® for musical instrument applications | Goodfellow

Musical Instruments

In musical instrument manufacturing, Mylar serves as a key material in drumheads, providing durability, consistent sound quality, and resistance to environmental fluctuations. 

Mylar® for electronics applications | GoodfellowMylar® for electronics applications | Goodfellow


Electronic displays, printed circuit board insulation and flexible circuits all take advantage of Mylar’s excellent electrical insulation properties and dimensional stability. 

Mylar® for automotive applications | GoodfellowMylar® for automotive applications | Goodfellow


Used in automotive applications for insulating cables, protective films for surfaces, and high-temperature gaskets due to its thermal resistance and mechanical resilience. 

Mylar® for medical applications | GoodfellowMylar® for medical applications | Goodfellow


Mylar is employed in medical applications such as X-ray film base, medical packaging, and implantable device components due to its biocompatibility, transparency and barrier properties.  

Mylar® for aerospace applications | GoodfellowMylar® for aerospace applications | Goodfellow


Mylar is used in radar absorbers, thermal insulation and protective coverings due to its lightweight, high strength and thermal resistance. 

Mylar® for industrial applications | GoodfellowMylar® for industrial applications | Goodfellow


PET plastic’s excellent mechanical properties and resistance to various environments see it used for industrial applications such as conveyor belts, insulation materials and release films.  

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