Key Benefits of Fuel Cells Materials

Goodfellow's specialist materials gives you access to high performance materials, which provide:

  • Electrode properties: High electrical conductivity for efficient electron flow, with catalytic activity to accelerate the electrochemical reaction all while improving durability
  • Electrolytes, with a range of materials such as polymer and solid state for flexibility or stability and membranes for proton conductivity and gas barrier properties

Thanks to our exacting range of materials, we can offer solutions that provide a range of benefits whether manufacturing fuel cells or developing new innovations:

  • Better manufacturing thanks to specialist material or unusual combinations
  • Lower costs by recommending better value options
  • Improved sustainability  
  • Reduced chemical corrosion, pressure and longevity issues


Years of facilitating scientific innovation


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Fuel Cells Technology Materials | GoodfellowFuel Cells Technology Materials | Goodfellow

Helping You Push Boundaries of Fuel Cell Technology

We supply high-performance materials, and that doesn't mean just common materials for fuel cell manufacturing such as vanadium and zinc, but specialist ones too. For example:

  • Zinc foam - Used as an anode to make novel zinc air fuel cells such as fuel cell powered vehicles and energy storage
  • Nickel foam - A popular choice for hydrogen storage due to its porous structure. It creates a large surface area that is easy to bend and process, while also being corrosion resistant for an excellent working lifespan

Enabling You to Choose the Best Materials

We provide you with the building blocks to create and test new fuel cell concepts and optimize existing designs. Whether you’re working with batteries, fuel cell technology or hydrogen storage, we can help you choose the best materials for your energy storage needs. Example products include:

Electrode materials:

  • Platinum (Pt)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Carbon-based materials (carbon nanotubes and graphene)

Electrolyte materials:

  • Polymer electrolytes (e.g. Nafion®)
  • Solid-state electrolytes (e.g. lithium-ion conductors)


  • Nafion® membranes
Materials for Fuel Cells | GoodfellowMaterials for Fuel Cells | Goodfellow

Fuel Cell Products


Fuel Cell Applications - Transportation Batteries | GoodfellowFuel Cell Applications - Transportation Batteries | Goodfellow


Fuel cells are ideal for public transport, heavy goods vehicles, and heavy-duty tractors. Due to the higher energy density, they allow for longer travelling distances before refueling compared to Li-ion batteries.

Fuel cell vehicles can also be refueled in just a few minutes, substantially lower than EV vehicles.

Fuel Cell Applications - Remote Power | GoodfellowFuel Cell Applications - Remote Power | Goodfellow

Remote Power

Fuel cells are highly portable allowing for deployment in remote locations where electricity supply can be difficult. They can also be installed in hospitals or other energy demanding areas, where electricity supply needs to be continuous.

Fuel cells can offer a compelling alternative to diesel generators offering decreased emissions along with increased reliability. 

Fuel Cell Applications - Aerospace Battery | GoodfellowFuel Cell Applications - Aerospace Battery | Goodfellow

Space Technologies

Space travel has been powdered by fuel cells since 1965. Fuel cells combine both hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, but also water (H2O).

Spacecraft can be powered by the electricity, with the water used by the astronauts for their living needs such as drinking and washing. 


Why Goodfellow?

  • No minimum order
  • Over 170,000 advanced materials: in one place, one of the largest range available globally
  • Materials selection, customization and development: from custom parts for prototyping through to production, and full product modification
  • Product services: machining/cutting services, rolling and metal foil production, analytical services to custom wire manufacturing, and more, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs
  • Free and fast delivery: Worldwide shipping and custom clearance, to your door. All orders are dispatched within 48 hours
  • Commercial arrangements: from call off orders, buffer stock, fixed and contract pricing and discounts for increased volumes, and more, with product traceability and compliance documentation
  • We help you innovate into the future.

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