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At Goodfellow, our high-quality specialist product range covers a wide spectrum of wire materials, sizes and configurations, catering to diverse industrial and scientific applications.

But if you can’t find what you need in our stocked range, please contact us. Whatever your specific needs, our wire range can be tailored to meet them.  

Custom Wire Manufacture Solutions | GoodfellowCustom Wire Manufacture Solutions | Goodfellow


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Technical Services

Custom Bare Metal and Alloy Wires

  • Custom alloy wires according to your specifications
  • Minimum diameter of bare wire: 0.0006mm (0.6microns)  
  • Length range expands from 1m to thousands of meters  
  • Maximum purity of the bare metal wire: 99.9999% (6N)

Custom Insulated Metal and Alloy Wires  

  • Minimum diameter of the conductor less than 1micron
  • Length range expands from 1m to thousands of meters 
  • Maximum purity of conductor: 99.99% (4N)  
  • Insulating materials / enamel coating materials include Polyimide (PI), Polyamide (Nylon), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Borosilicate glass

Custom Tempers 

  • As drawn: Wire condition post-drawing without heat treatment; the wire inherits natural hardness and mechanical properties through this process
  • Half hard: A temper between annealed and spring hard. It undergoes a partial cold working process to increase its strength and hardness while retaining some level of ductility
  • Spring hard: A temper for a spring hard wire which is subjected to a significant amount of cold working to achieve high tensile strength and hardness
  • Stress relieved (stress relief): A heat treatment process applied to remove residual stresses from the wire, reducing the risk of deformation or failure under load
  • Annealed: A heat treatment process used to produce a relatively soft and ductile material

Electroplated or Plated Wires:  

Applying coatings such as copper, nickel, gold, silver, tin, or tin-lead onto wires composed of various metals and alloys to create a surface that offers conductivity, corrosion resistance and solderability

Straight Wires

  • We have the capability to deliver high quality straightened wires with tight tolerances that meet with precision industry standards  
  • Ribbon and other custom profiles

Custom Quantities and Length Wires   

We have the capability to cut wire in lengths ranging from 3mm-2000mm and can be customized to suit a wide range of production quantities, from small batches for research and development or prototyping samples, to large-scale production runs

Custom Microwires

(With a diameter less than 1 micron coated with borosilicate glass or bare depending on the material)

Custom Spools and Packaging According to Specific Requirements 

Wire Deburring and Chamfering to Precisely Match the Requirements of Specific Applications 

Custom Specifications Following the Guidelines and Standards of Aerospace and the Medical Sector

Custom Precision Drawing and Redrawing of Wires to Defined Tolerances

Why Goodfellow?

  • No minimum order
  • Over 170,000 advanced materials: in one place, one of the largest range available globally
  • Materials selection, customization and development: from custom parts for prototyping through to production, and full product modification
  • Product services: machining/cutting services, rolling and metal foil production, analytical services to custom wire manufacturing, and more, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs
  • Free and fast delivery: Worldwide shipping and custom clearance, to your door. All orders are dispatched within 48 hours
  • Commercial arrangements: from call off orders, buffer stock, fixed and contract pricing and discounts for increased volumes, and more, with product traceability and compliance documentation
  • We help you innovate into the future.

*Conditions apply

Contact us today for a quote and advice

We will attempt to provide you with an offer quickly meeting all your specification and drawing requirements. We can also make recommendations and suggest design considerations that may improve function and reduce the complexity of manufacture (and therefore cost!).

Our team of materials scientists and engineers are also on hand to recommend materials and review required properties.

When you submit your inquiry to us, please tell us about the operating conditions of your component (temperature, environment, mechanical stress), this can help us better pinpoint suitability.

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For over 75 years, we've been your trusted partner in scientific advancement, supporting researchers and businesses globally with high-quality advanced materials.

Our comprehensive catalog features over 170,000 speciality materials, forms and components, which are available from small research quantities to larger production requirements. We offer you fast dispatch and complimentary global delivery, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.