Polyaramid/Polyphenylenesulphide Composite Rod

Polyaramid/Polyphenylenesulphide Composite Rods are part of our extensive range of composite rods and are available in 18 variations. Polyaramid fibers provide high strength and stiffness, while PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) contributes thermal and chemical resistance. This combination produces a lightweight composite with exceptional mechanical performance, dimensional stability, and resistance to chemicals and heat. Polyaramid/Polyphenylenesulphide Composite Rods are used in aerospace components, automotive parts, sporting goods, and any application requiring strong, stiff, lightweight materials that can withstand high temperatures and caustic environments. Thanks to the wide choice of options available, our Polyaramid/PPS composite rods can be tailored to meet the demands of diverse engineering challenges.

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