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    Our sector knowledge 
    From academia and R&D to art and design. We’ve got all bases covered.


    Our innovative collection of materials spans such a wide range of applications that we automatically cover a spectrum of sectors. From our smaller scale beginnings, to the worldwide operation we are now, we always endeavor to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

    That means we’ll keep fueling the technical world with aids towards scientific research. We’ll also fuel the imaginations of artists and creatives. 

    Academic Research

    Whether it’s providing materials for research and development, or helping teams build educational exhibitions, we support academia in a variety of ways. We’ve supported museums, universities and student sport teams with material supplies, advanced technical knowledge and even donations to student projects. 

    Due to Goodfellow’s investment in innovation and ongoing development, the materials we provide can often bring new properties and ways of working than previous alternatives. This allows academic researchers and curators to explore new possibilities within their work. 


    • Exhibitions and educational displays 
    • Research and lab materials 
    • Development and prototypes 
    • Technical support 
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    Manufacturing Industries

    These industries are reliant on material innovations to bring new technologies to manufacturers, and ultimately, the end market. Sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and 3D printing are all influenced by material innovations at Goodfellow. 

    A big part of our work within these industries has been centered around providing newer, better alternative materials. For example, a lightweight material used in the element of vehicles to increase speed. Material innovations are fueling everyday life with the end products created by manufacturing businesses and Goodfellow is here to support and facilitate this. 


    • Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • 3D printing
    • Additive manufacturing 
    • Chemical vapour deposition 
    • Product formulations, e.g. glass 
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    Research Institutions

    Goodfellow works closely with research institutions to provide project materials and technical knowledge to facilitate the project. From platinum wires to PMMA light guides, we’ve worked with many researchers to enhance project possibilities and provide the best materials for the job. 

    Quality and specification of materials is essential within this sector. While Goodfellow has many off-the-shelf options for projects like this, the Company’s bespoke capabilities have been particularly useful for research institutions. 


    • University R&D
    • Aerospace projects
    • Satellites
    • Engines
    • Technical Devices
    • Communication equipment
    Sector Case Study

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