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    • Vanadium - Rod

      Vanadium was discovered in Mexico City in 1801 by A.M. del Rio, and was rediscovered in 1831 by N.G. Selfström in Falun, Sweden. Vanadium is a soft, shiny, silvery metal which can be found in many different minerals, including some crude oils. It has an abundance of 160 ppm in the earth's crust and can be isolated after conversion to the pentoxide, V₂O₅, followed by direct reduction with aluminium. High purity metal can be obtained by the van Arkel process in which the iodide is decomposed on a hot filament under vacuum. Pure vanadium resists corrosion due to the formation of a protective oxide film on its surface; it is attacked by concentrated acids but not by fused alkalis. The principal use for vanadium is as an alloying constituent, particularly in steels where it is introduced as ferrovanadium, an alloy of iron and vanadium. The addition of vanadium to steels removes occluded oxygen and nitrogen, thus improving the materials' strength. A typical vanadium content would be 0.5% max.

      Rod - A straight length of circular section material.

    11 results

    Product V-00-RD-000101 99.8% Vanadium Rod 1.2mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 1.2mm - Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000104 99.8% Vanadium Rod 1.3mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 1.3mm Temper As Drawn Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000105 99.8% Vanadium Rod 1.3mm dia stress relieved Purity 99.8% Diameter 1.3mm Temper Stress Relieved Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000103 99.8% Vanadium Rod 1.4mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 1.4mm Temper As Drawn Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000102 99.8% Vanadium Rod 2mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 2mm Temper As Drawn Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000110 99.8% Vanadium Rod 3.5mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 3.5mm - Length 10mm - 10000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000130 99.8% Vanadium Rod 5mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 5mm - Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000135 99.8% Vanadium Rod 8mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 8mm - Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000137 99.8% Vanadium Rod 11mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 11mm - Length 10mm - 1000mm
    Product V-00-RD-000160 99.8% Vanadium Rod 20mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 20mm - Length 10mm - 300mm
    Product V-00-RD-000165 99.8% Vanadium Rod 25mm dia Purity 99.8% Diameter 25mm - Length 10mm - 300mm
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