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    • Molybdenum - Washer

      Discovered in 1871 by P.J. Hjelm in Uppsala, Sweden. Molybdenum is a lustrous, silvery coloured metal which has an abundance of 1.5 ppm in the earth's crust. In many instances, it shows a resemblance to tungsten with which it tends to be paired in the transition series in the periodic table, but their chemistries tend to show more distinct differences than might be expected. Molybdenum has a high melting point and applications for the pure metal take advantage of this; for example, the pure material is used as resistance heating elements in furnaces, as filament supports in electric lamps, and as electrodes for mercury vapour lamps. Molybdenum is used as an alloying agent in certain grades of steel, Permalloys and Stellites (a series of alloys which contain varying proportions of Cr, Co, W and Mo, are very hard and are used in cutting tools and to protect surfaces subject to heavy wear).

      Washer - A thin, flat piece of material with a hole in the middle, used in conjunction with bolts and nuts to distribute the load of a threaded fastener.

    4 results

    Product MO00-WA-000101 M1.6 Molybdenum Washer 1.7mm ID 4mm OD 0.3mm thick Size M1.6 Thickness 0.3mm Inside Diameter 1.7mm Outside Diameter 4mm Standard ISO 7089:2000 Quantity 1 Piece - 100 Piece
    Product MO00-WA-000103 M3 Molybdenum Washer 3.29mm ID 6.82mm OD 0.5mm thick Size M3 Thickness 0.5mm Inside Diameter 3.29mm Outside Diameter 6.82mm Standard ISO 7089:2000 Quantity 1 Piece - 100 Piece
    Product MO00-WA-000104 M4 Molybdenum Washer 4.39mm ID 8.82mm OD 0.8mm thick Size M4 Thickness 0.8mm Inside Diameter 4.39mm Outside Diameter 8.82mm Standard ISO 7089:2000 Quantity 1 Piece - 100 Piece
    Product MO00-WA-000105 M5 Molybdenum Washer 5.39mm ID 9.82mm OD 1mm thick Size M5 Thickness 1mm Inside Diameter 5.39mm Outside Diameter 9.82mm Standard ISO 7089:2000 Quantity 1 Piece - 100 Piece
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