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    Innovation for Good
    Facilitating innovation in businesses, communities and for the planet

    Innovation for Good

    Our materials encompass and encourage scientific innovation. Whether that’s new, groundbreaking materials bringing new properties to applications for industrial sectors, or donations to further fields of research or community sports.

    What we do touches all walks of life in one way or another.

    Our materials are constantly evolving, and in turn, we facilitate further possibilities for our customers and partners.


    Good for the planet

    If materials are the building blocks of a greener world, pioneering scientists and engineers who work with those materials are its architects. At Goodfellow, we understand it can be difficult to find the right balance between product value and reducing carbon emissions.

    As the world makes a collective effort to build a more sustainable future for us all, green materials have never been more important. However, the reality is that these new, sustainable products can only be used if it isn’t detrimental to product quality.

    Green Products

    Green Production Initiative 

    Our Green Production Initiative focuses on the use of sustainably friendly products and processes of high-quality; meaning our customers don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability.

    The materials in this range are bio-based, biodegradable and/or non-toxic. Developed into specific categories, use of any of these products will contribute towards reducing the impact non-renewable materials have on the environment.

    Green Brochure

    Good causes

    Our strive to make a positive impact on the world doesn’t stop at the simple production and distribution of innovative and specialist materials.

    We take it one step further. Our work impacts the most important industries in the world, including healthcare, alongside medical research and treatment. We provide specialist wires for elements in ventilators and sheet materials for PPE.

    While our business partners facilitate these field advancements and important creations, we’ll always go beyond expectations when and where we can. We’ve been known to donate essential materials to volunteers making PPE for healthcare professionals.

    We’ve become team sponsors of local sports teams to encourage community spirit and we’ve donated scrap metal to artists ready to inspire the next generation. 


    Goodfellow  10/07/2021 – 09:00



    Return to normality: local sports teams receiving a boost

    Goodfellow is supporting regional sports teams as they strive to return to normality following the pandemic. Astros Netball Team in Bedfordshire and NC Badminton Club in Manchester, have received sponsorships to help in the return to both casual and competitive sport. 
    Read More

    Goodfellow 25/09/2020 – 17:47

    Good causes


    Goodfellow donates essential materials to companies supporting frontline workers

    We’ve been showing support to several initiatives in the fight against COVID-19, supplying materials that are being used to make protective equipment for frontline workers. The company has donated 130 kilos of polypropylene coil to Stamford School in Lincolnshire, UK.
    Read More 

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