Nickel/Beryllium/Titanium Alloy Coil (Ni97.5/Be 1.95/Ti 0.5)

Nickel/Beryllium/Titanium Alloy Coils (Ni97.5/Be 1.95/Ti 0.5) are part of our extensive range of specialty metals and alloys. Available in 10 variations, they feature an optimal balance of properties like strength, hardness and oxidation resistance. The nickel and titanium in the alloy provide corrosion resistance, while the beryllium improves stiffness and heat resistance. The versatility of these high-performance foils allows them to be used in applications ranging from electrical contacts to high-temperature seals and gaskets. Their thin and flexible form also makes them suitable for diffusion barriers and shielding in vacuum environments. Offering a unique composition of characteristics, Nickel/Beryllium/Titanium Alloy Coils (Ni97.5/Be 1.95/Ti 0.5) give an impressive performance across demanding industry settings.

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