Strong, Durable and Heat Resistant

Manufactured by DuPont™, Kevlar is renowned for its exceptional strength, durability and heat resistance. With a tensile strength of 8.1 kilonewtons per tex (kN/tex), Kevlar is one of the strongest commercially available threads.

In addition, its melting point surpasses 800°F (427°C), making it incredibly heat resistant.

Kevlar®, strong, durable and heat resistant | GoodfellowKevlar®, strong, durable and heat resistant | Goodfellow


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Product Benefits

Kevlar has a host of outstanding properties that set it apart from other materials and make it the go-to choice for various industries: 

Tensile StrengthTensile Strength

Unmatched Tensile Strength

Kevlar’s inter-chain bonds and tightly spun fibers make it incredibly strong and lightweight. It possesses a tensile strength 10 times greater than steel on an equal weight basis.

Exceptional Heat ResistanceExceptional Heat Resistance

Exceptional Heat Resistance

With a melting point and decomposition temperature in excess of 427°C, this high-quality aramid fiber remains stable and retains its structural integrity even under extreme heat conditions.

Low Elongation and High ModulusLow Elongation and High Modulus

Low Elongation and High Modulus 

Kevlar has a low elongation of only 3.6%, making it ideal for applications that require minimal stretch, while its high modulus of 131 GPa provides stiffness and structural integrity. 

Abrasion, Cut, Puncture and Impact ResistanceAbrasion, Cut, Puncture and Impact Resistance

Abrasion, Cut, Puncture and Impact Resistance 

Highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, punctures and impacts, Kevlar offers unparalleled protection, making it ideal for a wide range of protective clothing and equipment. 

Versatile Applications Versatile Applications 

Versatile Applications 

Outstanding strength, durability and thermal stability make Kevlar a versatile material used in everything from fiber optics and rubber reinforcement to ropes and cables. 

Helping choose the right Kevlar® product for your requirements | GoodfellowHelping choose the right Kevlar® product for your requirements | Goodfellow

Choosing the Right Product

Goodfellow offers various forms of Kevlar:

Staple Fibers: These short, discrete fibers can be blended with other materials or processed into non-woven fabrics. They provide added strength and durability to composite materials.

Continuous Filament Yarns: Long, continuous strands of Kevlar fibers, commonly used in reinforcement applications such as ropes, cables, and fabrics.

Paper: A thin, flexible sheet made from Kevlar fibers that offers excellent strength, heat resistance, and electrical insulation properties. Used in gaskets, electrical insulation and filtration.

Spun Laced Fabrics: Non-woven fabrics made by interlocking Kevlar fibers using high-pressure water jets. They exhibit high strength, tear resistance, and flexibility, making them suitable for protective clothing and industrial applications.

All our Kevlar products comply with European Directives 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3) and 2000/53/EC (ELV), ensuring their environmental friendliness. Additionally, we hold certifications for ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, demonstrating our dedication to quality and safety.

Our Product Range

Our Kevlar product range includes:

  • Polyaramid Plain Fabric made from DuPont Kevlar 49 in different thicknesses
  • Carbon fiber Reinforced Polyaramid Plain Fabric made from DuPont Kevlar 49 (127tex) and Carbon 3k (200tex) fibres
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyaramid 3/1 Twill Fabric made from DuPont Kevlar 49 (127tex) and Carbon 3k (200tex) fibers

Our skilled team can provide expert advice to ensure you’re using the right Kevlar product to meet your requirements. With experience across a full range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, mining and PPE manufacture, you’ll be in safe and highly experienced hands.


Kevlar® products for industries from aerospace to PPE manufacture | GoodfellowKevlar® products for industries from aerospace to PPE manufacture | Goodfellow

Popular Kevlar Products


Kevlar® for protective clothing & equipment applications | GoodfellowKevlar® for protective clothing & equipment applications | Goodfellow

Protective Clothing and Equipment

Kevlar is synonymous with bulletproof vests, helmets, gloves, and boots. Its remarkable resistance to abrasion, cuts, punctures, and ballistic penetration ensures optimal protection for those in high-risk professions. 

Kevlar® for aerospace applications | GoodfellowKevlar® for aerospace applications | Goodfellow


Found in aircraft components, such as structural reinforcements, insulation, and protective covers, Kevlar plays a vital role in the aerospace industry, where lightweight and high-strength materials are crucial.  

Kevlar® for automotive applications | GoodfellowKevlar® for automotive applications | Goodfellow


You’ll find Kevlar’s high strength and heat resistance properties being used to improve the performance and durability of parts such as tires, timing belts, brake pads and clutch plates.  

Kevlar® for fiber optic applications | GoodfellowKevlar® for fiber optic applications | Goodfellow

Fiber Optics

Kevlar is used as a strength member in fiber optic cables, providing support and protection to delicate optical fibers. Its high tensile strength and low elongation ensure reliable transmission of signals over long distances. 

Kevlar® for ropes ands cables across various industries | GoodfellowKevlar® for ropes ands cables across various industries | Goodfellow

Ropes and Cables

Thanks to its excellent strength and resistance to abrasion, Kevlar is an ideal material for ropes and cables used in various industries, including marine, construction and sports. 

Kevlar® for rubber reinforcement applications | GoodfellowKevlar® for rubber reinforcement applications | Goodfellow

Rubber Reinforcement

Rubber products, such as conveyor belts, hoses and seals use Kevlar as a reinforcing fiber. It enhances their strength, durability and tear resistance.

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