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    Digital Tools

    Here at Goodfellow, we’re proud to call ourselves innovators. We aim to help develop knowledge and educate in ways that push boundaries and bring science to life.

    We believe in learning being anything but boring, which is why we have created digital tools. Goodfellow strives to reach and inspire audiences of all ages and all levels of understanding. Browse our digital tools and see what works for you. 


    Mr. Material - Periodic Table Game

    Test the extent of your periodic table knowledge with our Mr. Material free educational app. The game keeps you on your toes while you work your way through the levels, trying to answer the questions before the timer runs out.

    The quicker you answer each question, the higher your score! This app is the ideal tool whether you’re a student, researcher, teacher or simply have a general interest in science. 



    Goodfellow Materials Hub - iOS and Android

    We always aim to present our customers with new things, whether that’s materials, insights or the unexpected, in this case, The Ultimate Periodic Table Guide.

    This digital tool includes a detailed history of each element, technical information on atomic, electrical and mechanical properties and specific news and updates. Download our Ultimate Periodic Table Guide to refresh your memory or learn something new. 


    Materials Inside Podcast

    This series of podcasts focus on asking, and answering, the difficult questions about the science behind materials innovation, with guests from various fields. 




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