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    • Gold - Mesh

      This metal has been known since prehistoric times Gold is a soft metal with a characteristic yellow color. It is the most malleable and ductile of any element. It is unaffected by air, water, alkalis and acids, with the exception of "aqua regia", HNO₃/HCl. The fact that it is chemically unreactive means that it is often found in its natural state. It is a good thermal and electrical conductor and has excellent reflective properties to both light and infrared. It has an abundance in the earth's crust of 0.0011 ppm. Most of the metal is retained for use as bullion reserves, but some is used within the electronics and jewellery industries, where it is frequently alloyed with other elements to improve the mechanical properties of the metal (e.g. copper and silver). Other uses for the metal are as a heat reflecting coating for glass as well as as a decorative medium.Mesh - Mesh is available as either a woven wire or electroformed product; in all cases, the quoted aperture sizes are nominal. Wire mesh: a material which is woven from metal wires to provide a thin grid with a regular series of holes. Electroformed mesh: a product made by electroplating the mesh geometry through a mask onto a substrate which is subsequently etched away.

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    Product AU00-MS-000121 Gold - Mesh Purity 99.9% Wire Diameter 0.005mm Thickness 0.004mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.011mm Wires/Inch 1500 Open Area 44% Type Electro Formed Mesh Wire Line Width 0.005mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 150mm x 150mm
    Product AU00-MS-000125 Gold - Mesh Purity 99.9% Wire Diameter 0.011mm Thickness 0.006mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.04mm Wires/Inch 500 Open Area 60% Type Electro Formed Mesh Wire Line Width 0.011mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm
    Product AU00-MS-000130 Gold - Mesh - Wire Diameter 0.0125mm Thickness 0.004mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.064mm Wires/Inch 333 Open Area 70% Type Electro Formed Mesh Wire Line Width 0.0125mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm
    Product AU00-MS-000132 Gold - Mesh Purity 99.9% Wire Diameter 0.06mm Thickness 0.12mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.25mm Wires/Inch 82 Open Area 65% Type Woven Wire Line Width 0mm Size 1mm x 1mm - 210mm x 210mm
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