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    How we can help you? 
    Technical expertise you can rely on.


    Over 75 years, Goodfellow has built up a large materials’ knowledge base, which we use to help support our customers and add value to any project. From custom manufacturing and technical expertise to supplying flexible quantities and products, Goodfellow always goes above and beyond.

    Not only a premier supplier of materials, our knowledgeable and expert technical team also help our customer to make the most out of products. We encourage exploration and development. We are innovation at your service.

    Custom Manufacturing

    As a provider of a wide range of materials for both academic and industrial uses, we really do understand materials. Goodfellow can help you select the most suitable material for your application or provide you with the finished components.

    Regardless of your manufacturing cycle stage, whether a prototype, pre-production or mass production, Goodfellow will provide you with a complete service.Our custom manufacturing services cover all bases, as we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We can help you with services such as precision machining, forming, coating and surface treatment. 

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    Flexible Quantities & Products

    The Goodfellow approach to supplying products allows us to identify appropriate materials and finished components. This means that our materials cover a range of purposes, from academic uses to large scale manufacturing.

    At Goodfellow, we offer customers a no minimum order value, whilst also offering materials in larger quantities for industrial use. You are able to purchase the exact quantity, form or size of material you require.

    All Goodfellow products are ISO 9001:2008 accredited, so quality is always a guarantee. You can also schedule deliveries to avoid holding products in stock..

    Larger Quantities

    Technical Expertise

    Our technical team are the main source of information. Each individual brings something beyond value to the table, they are can-doers and are experts in the field. No question is too big or small; we’re here to help every customer realise their project’s full potential.

    Goodfellow offer 70,000 products, online and in our brochures, but we also lend our expertise to custom-made materials and solutions. Whatever the project or application, our team are on-hand to discuss the best way to move forward.

    Speak to the technical team

    0800 731 4653

    Dr. Aphrodite Tomou - Head of Technical

    With a PhD and two Masters degrees in materials science and engineering, Dr. Tomou is backed by a team of scientists and engineers. She assists our customers in finding solutions to even the most complex research problems, while aiming to bridge the gap between R&D and engineering. 

    Dr. Jason Jackson - Technical Specialist

    Dr. Jackson has a PhD in inorganic materials chemistry and has a strong background in lab and research roles. Working within the technical team at Goodfellow, he also provides training and support throughout the wider business.

    Paul Everitt - Business Development Manager

    Paul holds a degree in polymer engineering and a Master's in materials science. With over 20 years spent with Goodfellow, he is well versed in the materials sector. Working within the technical team, Paul brings a wealth of experience to developing product lines and sales.

    Lidia Roberts - Technical Specialist

    Lidia holds a Master of Philosophy degree from the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. She supports our customers and colleagues worldwide as a Technical Specialist, while introducing new materials to make sure we are offering innovative materials to our customers all over the world.

    Qian Yang - Technical Assistant

    With a Bachelor and Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Qian has a wealth of knowledge in materials, which he uses to support customers worldwide.  

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