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    Scientific Powders for Metallurgy & Manufacturing



    Goodfellow has an extensive selection of scientific powders in stock for use in metallurgy, additive manufacturing, sintering, pressing, and other powder-based processes. Our vast range of metal powders, ceramic powders, and polymer powders is well positioned to satisfy project requirements across various sectors, including aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, and research. We can also provide custom powder creation for those with particularly complex requirements.

    Browse over 400 powder products via our online shop or submit an enquiry to receive a call back from our Sales and Service team.



    About Our Scientific Powders Range

    50+ Powder Material Options

    With fifty-two materials to choose from, including elements and compounds, our huge range of scientific powder products is sure to have something that meets your project requirements. Due to its vastness, our scientific powder offering is best split into three areas: metal powders, ceramic powders, and polymer powders.

    Metal Powders

    Metal powders are an essential material within research and industry. Powder metallurgy enables companies to create complex, highly customisable parts at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional manufacturing methods. It’s no wonder why metal powders are desired for multi-sector applications across the globe.

    Popular metal powders available as part of our scientific powder range include:

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    Ceramic Powders

    Thanks to their impressive thermal capabilities, ceramic powders are often used to manufacture components for aerospace, automotive, and other industries where performance is paramount. They can also be moulded into ceramic crucibles.

    Goodfellow’s ceramic powder selection includes:

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    Polymer Powders

    From hot-melt extrusion and injection moulding to thermosetting materials and formulation development, the applications of polymer powders are endless.

    Our specialist powders range features 29 polymer powder products, such as:

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    Diverse Particle Options to Suit your Applications

    Particle size distribution (PSD) and sphericity are two key characteristics that determine the applicational suitability of a scientific powder. The intended usage of a powder has a huge influence on the type of PSD and sphericity required - for example, a metal powder used for 3D printing would need to be highly spherical for maximum flowability. To satisfy the varied needs of our customers, our specialist range of scientific powders includes particle sizes between 0.01um – 2000um and sphericity options as high as 0.98%.


    Small Quantities Available with No Minimum Spend

    Sourcing scientific powders in research quantities can be difficult - but not with Goodfellow. As a trusted partner for innovation, we’re dedicated to supporting all customers with their scientific powder needs, whether big or small. Our powders range is available in quantities as small as 0.25g with no minimum spend required. We also go up to 50,000g for those in need of industrial quantities.


    Free Global Despatch Within 48 Hours

    Our extensive selection of scientific powders is backed by the Goodfellow delivery promise. All orders from our specialist product range are carefully picked, packed, and shipped within 48 hours – free of charge.


    Custom Powder Creation Available

    Exploring the possibilities of novel alloying? Our industry connections enable us to offer customised powder solutions, including high-entropy alloys, to meet the intricacies of your project. Enquire now to find out more.



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