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    • PA - Polyamide - Fibre

      A polyamide is a polymer with repeating units linked by amide bonds. Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Examples of naturally occurring polyamides are proteins, such as wool and silk.

      Fibre - Yarns or tows consisting of several approximately parallel individual filaments, each filament usually being smaller in diameter than a monofilament. Yarns contain a defined number of filaments, typically three to several hundred; tows contain thousands of filaments whose number is only defined approximately. Both are primarily specified by their linear density measured in "tex", the weight in grammes of a 1km length of material.

    6 results

    Product AM32-FB-000105 Nylon 66 Fibre 0.01mm filament dia tex 1.3 Filament Diameter 0.01mm Number Of Filaments 14 Tex Number 1.3 Length 1m - 5000m
    Product AM32-FB-000120 Nylon 66 Fibre 0.019mm filament dia tex 3.3 Filament Diameter 0.019mm Number Of Filaments 10 Tex Number 3.3 Length 1m - 5000m
    Product AM32-FB-000150 Nylon 66 Fibre 0.023mm filament dia tex 15.6 Filament Diameter 0.023mm Number Of Filaments 34 Tex Number 15.6 Length 1m - 5000m
    Product AM32-FB-000110 Nylon 66 Fibre 0.025mm filament dia tex 1.7 Filament Diameter 0.025mm Number Of Filaments 3 Tex Number 1.7 Length 1m - 5000m
    Product AM32-FB-000190 Nylon 66 Fibre 0.0275mm filament dia tex 94 Filament Diameter 0.0275mm Number Of Filaments 140 Tex Number 94 Length 1m - 5000m
    Product AM34-FB-000124 Nylon 46 Fibre 0.027mm filament dia tex 24 Filament Diameter 0.027mm Number Of Filaments 36 Tex Number 24 Length 1m - 5000m
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