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    • Molybdenum Alloys - Foil

      Alloys are mixtures of a metal with other elements, the precise combination being governed by the required properties. Alloys are generally considered to be metallic in nature i.e. they have good thermal and electrical conductivities). Alloys can be manufactured by various routes, the most widely used being to melt the constituents together and to cool the resultant mixture to form a single or multi-phase solid. Foil - Thin sheets of pure metal and metal alloys. Due to their fragile nature, some foils are coated on one side with an acrylic or polyester support. Where foils are supported they are indicated in the detailed item description.

    8 results

    Product MO01-FL-000150 TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil 0.125mm thick as rolled Thickness 0.125mm Temper As Rolled Diameter 4mm - 50mm Size Light Tight 20mm x 30mm - 90mm x 120mm -
    Product MO01-FL-000170 TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil 0.25mm thick as rolled Thickness 0.25mm Temper As Rolled Diameter 4mm - 50mm Size Light Tight 50mm x 50mm - 300mm x 300mm -
    Product MO01-FL-000180 TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil 0.52mm thick as rolled Thickness 0.52mm Temper As Rolled - Size Light Tight 10mm x 10mm - 305mm x 305mm -
    Product MO01-FL-000100 TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil 1mm thick as rolled Thickness 1mm Temper As Rolled - Size Light Tight 25mm x 25mm - 150mm x 150mm -
    Product MO01-FL-000250 TZM Molybdenum Alloy Foil 3mm thick as rolled Thickness 3mm Temper As Rolled - Size Light Tight 50mm x 50mm - 150mm x 150mm -
    Product MO07-FL-000110 Molybdenum/Rhenium Foil 0.05mm thick annealed Thickness 0.05mm Temper Annealed - Size Light Tight 25mm x 25mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product MO07-FL-000145 Molybdenum/Rhenium Foil 0.1mm thick annealed Thickness 0.1mm Temper Annealed -- Size 50mm x 50mm - 100mm x 100mm
    Product MO07-FL-000140 Molybdenum/Rhenium Foil 0.125mm thick annealed Thickness 0.125mm Temper Annealed - Size Light Tight 25mm x 25mm - 100mm x 100mm -
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