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    • Magnesium - Wire

      Magnesium was recognised in 1755 by Joseph Black in Edinburgh, Scotland, and isolated by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808 in London. Magnesium is a brilliant white metal, which is relatively soft. It is one of the more abundant elements, there being 23000 ppm in the earth's crust. As a powder, magnesium is extremely reactive, but as a solid it oxidises slowly in air and reacts slowly in water. It does not occur naturally, but is found in combination with other elements in minerals such as magnesite (MgCO₃, primarily) and dolomite (the double carbonate of magnesium and calcium). As with other elements in groups 1 and 2 of the periodic table, it can be produced by electrolysis of the molten halide. Applications of magnesium include its use as a deoxidiser for copper, brass and nickel alloys and it is also added to several aluminium base alloys. It is the basis of strong, light alloys used in the aircraft and automobile industries (e.g. in engine assemblies). Alloys with zirconium and thorium have also been investigated for their use in aircraft manufacture. Pure magnesium can also be used as a sacrificial electrode to protect other metals.

      Wire - A single or multiple flexible strand in a range of pure metals or alloys and a variety of diameters. Our range includes ultrafine wires that can also be defined as micro wires and nano wires.

    10 results

    Product MG00-WR-000105 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.125mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.125mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 400m
    Product MG00-WR-000115 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.25mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.25mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 80m
    Product MG00-WR-000120 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.4mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.4mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 600m
    Product MG00-WR-000125 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.5mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.5mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 80m
    Product MG00-WR-000126 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.6mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.6mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 20m
    Product MG00-WR-000127 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.65mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.65mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 20m
    Product MG00-WR-000129 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.75mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.75mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 20m
    Product MG00-WR-000132 99.9% Magnesium Wire 0.9mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 0.9mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 10m
    Product MG00-WR-000135 99.9% Magnesium Wire 1mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 1mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 20m
    Product MG00-WR-000140 99.9% Magnesium Wire 1.1mm dia Purity 99.9% Diameter 1.1mm Temper As Drawn Length .1m - 500m
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