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    • Lithium - Foil

      Discovered in 1817 by J.A. Arfvedson in Stockholm, Sweden, and isolated by W.T. Brande in 1821. Lithium is a soft, silver metal, and is the first member of the alkali group of metals. It is the lightest of all metals and, whilst resembling sodium chemically, it is less active. As is the case for other alkali group elements, it is obtained by the electrolysis of the fused halides. The abundance of lithium in the earth's crust is 20 ppm. Lithium reacts slowly in water and in air where it eventually forms a black coating of oxide. This means that this metal tends to be stored under oil to prevent deterioration. Lithium is used as an alloying agent with aluminium and magnesium, and in the manufacture of batteries. Compounds of lithium are used in various applications; for example, lithium 12-hydroxy stearate is used in high performance greases as it provides good water resistance and good low temperature performance; lithium hydride is a strong reducing agent and is used as a source of hydrogen, and lithium carbonate is used as a tranquiliser and in the treatment of some mental illnesses. Lithium and its compounds also find applications in the manufacture of glass and ceramics.Foil - Thin sheets of pure metal and metal alloys. Due to their fragile nature, some foils are coated on one side with an acrylic or polyester support. Where foils are supported they are indicated in the detailed item description.

    Material Forms

    3 results

    Product LI00-FL-000105 99.9% Lithium Foil 0.12mm thick Purity 99.9% Thickness 0.12mm Temper As Rolled -- Size 45mm x 100mm - 45mm x 500mm
    Product LI00-FL-000120 99.9% Lithium Foil 0.2mm thick as rolled 38.1mm coil W Purity 99.9% Thickness 0.2mm Temper As Rolled Coil Width 38.1mm - Size 38mm x 50mm - 38mm x 500mm
    Product LI00-FL-000160 99.9% Lithium Foil 0.6mm thick as rolled 25mm coil W Purity 99.9% Thickness 0.6mm Temper As Rolled Coil Width 25mm Size Light Tight 25mm x 200mm Size 25mm x 100mm - 25mm x 300mm
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