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    • Copper - Mesh

      Known to ancient civilisations. Copper is a reddish coloured metal which is malleable and ductile. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivities and good corrosion resistance. It is found in sulphide ores and as carbonate, arsenide and chloride (abundance in the Earth's crust is 50 ppm). Extraction of the metal involves roasting the ore to produce the oxide, followed by reduction and purification by electrolysis. The element is inert to non-oxidising acids but reacts with oxidising agents. In air, it will weather to produce the characteristic green patina of the carbonate. Copper will combine with oxygen on heating to produce CuO at red heat, and Cu₂O at elevated temperatures. Pure copper has an electrical conductivity second only to that of silver and hence its main application is in the electrical industry. Copper is also the basis of many important alloys (e.g. brass, bronze and aluminium bronze) and has been traditionally considered to be one of the coinage metals, along with silver and gold, but being more common, is the least valued. It is one of the first metals ever to have been worked by man and is thought to have been mined for more than 5000 years.Mesh - Mesh is available as either a woven wire or electroformed product; in all cases, the quoted aperture sizes are nominal. Wire mesh: a material which is woven from metal wires to provide a thin grid with a regular series of holes. Electroformed mesh: a product made by electroplating the mesh geometry through a mask onto a substrate which is subsequently etched away.

    4 results

    Product CU00-MS-000120 99.99% Copper Gauze Electro Formed Mesh 0.004mm thick 118 wires/in Purity 99.99% - Thickness 0.004mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.2mm Wires/Inch 118 Open Area 88% Type Electro Formed Mesh Wire Line Width 0.0125mm Size 30mm x 30mm - 260mm x 260mm
    Product CU00-MS-000125 99.9% Copper Gauze Plain Weave Mesh 0.115mm wire dia 100x100 wires/in Purity 99.9% Wire Diameter 0.115mm Thickness 0.25mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.14mm Wires/Inch 100x100 Open Area 30.3% Type Plain Weave Mesh - Size 100mm x 100mm - 900mm x 900mm
    Product CU00-MS-000131 Copper Gauze Plain Weave Mesh 0.14mm wire dia 80x80 wires/in - Wire Diameter 0.14mm Thickness 0.28mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.18mm Wires/Inch 80x80 Open Area 31% Type Plain Weave Mesh - Size 100mm x 100mm - 900mm x 900mm
    Product CU00-MS-000110 99.97% Copper Gauze Plain Weave Mesh 0.25mm wire dia 40x40 wires/in Purity 99.97% Wire Diameter 0.25mm Thickness 0.00099mm Nominal Aperture (mm) 0.38mm Wires/Inch 40x40 Open Area 37% Type Plain Weave Mesh - Size 100mm x 100mm - 600mm x 600mm
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