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    • Cobalt - Lump

      Discovered in 1735 by G. Brandt in Stockholm, Sweden. Cobalt is a hard, grey metal which is ferromagnetic. It is usually found in association with nickel in arsenical ores, its abundancy in the Earth's crust being 20 ppm. Cobalt is relatively unreactive, being stable in air and only slowly attacked by dilute acids. It does not combine with hydrogen and nitrogen but it does react with carbon, oxygen and steam at elevated temperatures, producing CoO in the latter cases. Cobalt salts (primarily cobalt aluminate, known as "Cobalt Blue", or "Thenard's Blue") have been known of and used for centuries to provide a blue colouration to paints and ceramics. Cobalt alloys have good thermal and oxidation resistance, coupled with mechanical strength. The metal is also used in electroplating and its radioactive isotope, …‰Cobalt, is used in the treatment of cancer.

      Lump - A solid piece of material with no defined shape.

    3 results

    Product CO00-LP-000100 99.9% Cobalt Pellets 10mm max size Purity 99.9% Maximum Lump Size 10mm Product Shape Pellets Weight 10g - 500g
    Product CO00-LP-000110 99.99% Cobalt Pellets 10mm max size Purity 99.99% Maximum Lump Size 10mm Product Shape Pellets Weight 1g - 1000g
    Product CO00-LP-000120 99.8% Cobalt Pellets nom 30mm Rounds 40mm max size Purity 99.8% Maximum Lump Size 40mm Product Shape Nominal 30mm Rounds Weight 1g - 10000g
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