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    • Antimony - Lump

      Discovered in 1450. Elemental antimony is generally found in one of two allotropes and has both metallic and non-metallic properties. The main source of this element is Stibnite (Sb₂S₃), an ore which whilst being widely distributed is not very plentiful (hence the abundance of only 0.2 ppm of antimony within the earth's crust). Antimony is a relatively stable element and is not attacked by dilute acids or alkalis. It is a poor electrical and thermal conductor. Applications of antimony and its alloys include its use as an alloying element for hardening other metals, a bearing material and in batteries. High purity antimony is used in the semiconductor industry.

      Lump - A solid piece of material with no defined shape.

    3 results

    Product SB00-LP-000130 99.5% Antimony Pellets 4mm max size Purity 99.5% Maximum Lump Size 4mm Weight 1g - 10000g
    Product SB00-LP-000120 99.9999% Antimony Pellets 5mm max size Purity 100.0% Maximum Lump Size 5mm Weight 10g - 1000g
    Product SB00-LP-000100 99.999% Antimony Pellets 20mm max size Purity 99.999% Maximum Lump Size 20mm Weight 1g - 100g
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