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    • Antimony - Foil

      Discovered in 1450. Elemental antimony is generally found in one of two allotropes and has both metallic and non-metallic properties. The main source of this element is Stibnite (Sb₂S₃), an ore which whilst being widely distributed is not very plentiful (hence the abundance of only 0.2 ppm of antimony within the earth's crust). Antimony is a relatively stable element and is not attacked by dilute acids or alkalis. It is a poor electrical and thermal conductor. Applications of antimony and its alloys include its use as an alloying element for hardening other metals, a bearing material and in batteries. High purity antimony is used in the semiconductor industry.

      Foil - Thin sheets of pure metal and metal alloys. Due to their fragile nature, some foils are coated on one side with an acrylic or polyester support. Where foils are supported they are indicated in the detailed item description.

      When dealing with foils at 0.05mm or thinner, we offer 2 options: Light Tight tested foils (denoted as LT in our catalogue) or standard untested foils (denoted as Sizes in our catalogue).

      When the foil thickness surpasses 0.05mm, there's no requirement for a light-tight test, as these foils become naturally denser and provide a more effective barrier against light.

    15 results

    Product SB00-FL-000130 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.002mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.002mm Size 25mm x 25mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000160 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.004mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.004mm Size 25mm x 25mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000170 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.005mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.005mm Size 25mm x 25mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000180 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.006mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.006mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000190 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.007mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.007mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 25mm x 25mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000100 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.008mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.008mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 25mm x 25mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000110 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.009mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.009mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 25mm x 25mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000120 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.01mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.01mm Size 25mm x 25mm - 100mm x 100mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000230 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.0125mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.0125mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000140 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.015mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.015mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 100mm x 100mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000150 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.02mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.02mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000260 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.025mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.025mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 100mm x 100mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000280 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.04mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.04mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm -
    Product SB00-FL-000290 95.0% Antimony Foil 0.05mm thick Purity 95.0% Thickness 0.05mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 100mm x 100mm Size Light Tight 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm
    Product SB00-FL-000200 Antimony Foil 2mm thick - Thickness 2mm Size 10mm x 10mm - 50mm x 50mm -
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