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    Product Glossary


    Where appropriate a typical analysis is given.  All figures are parts per million (ppm) by weight unless otherwise stated.  It must be emphasised that this data is "typical" and no guarantee is given that the material supplied will conform to these analyses.  The compositions shown under alloy headings are generally weight percent.  Exceptions are the glassy alloys and the rare earth magnets where the convention of using atomic ratio is followed.


    Purities listed are quoted with respect to total metallic impurities.  Typical analyses may give additional information about likely non-metallic impurities.

    High Purity

    For materials described in the catalogue as High Purity, the actual analysis of metallic impurities will be supplied free of charge.  For other items, an actual analysis can be supplied and a charge will be made for the analysis and for the sample used.

    If you require an analysis, please tell us whether you require analysis of metallic impurities only or metallic and gaseous.  Where an analysis is required the shipment of your order may be delayed.


    Some items from our range of foils need to be supported on one side of the foil to enable both you and us to handle these very delicate materials.  Two types of support can be used, the choice being governed by the material.  Wherever possible we use a temporary support, a permanent support only being used when the material is brittle (for example Chromium or Manganese).

    The temporary support is Acrylic, approximately 0.2mm thick.  This may be removed by dissolving in 2-Propanone (Acetone).

    Our permanent support is Polyester, thickness 0.125mm, which is hot-press laminated to one face of the foil. It cannot be removed without destroying the foil.

    Microfoil is mounted on a permanent 3.5µm polyester support.  This support cannot be removed without destroying the Microfoil.

    Microleaf is mounted on a specially treated support which allows separation of the metal film from the support.  Full instructions on the method of removal are issued with each Microleaf supplied.

    Light Tight Foil

    LT foils are supplied without visible pinholes whereas NLT foils will normally contain pinholes, but may occasionally be free from pinholes.  Foils 0.025mm or more in thickness are supplied LT unless otherwise stated.  Foils less than 0.025mm are normally supplied NLT, however, if you require LT foils, please ask. An additional charge may be made if we are able to supply LT foils.

    Vacuum tight

    Vacuum tight foils show no detectable leakage when tested with a helium mass spectrometer with a sensitivity of 10-9 atm-cm3.s-1.


    We are able to offer custom made alloys, inorganic compounds and pre-alloyed powders - please tell us your requirements.  In most cases this will be subject to a minimum ordering quantity and in some cases will be offered on a "best effort" basis.

    Continuous Lengths

    If you require material in continuous lengths please tell us when you place your order.  Unless otherwise specified, we reserve the right to supply in more than one length.

    Technical Data and Information

    All information and technical data are given as a guide only.  Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, no warranty is given as to its completeness or accuracy.


    For details of our standard tolerances, please refer to the Product Description section.  In many cases, closer tolerances are available but may be subject to an extra charge.  If you have any special requirements it is important that you tell us at the time of ordering.  This includes special tolerances, dimensional uniformity or any other special requirement which you may have (for example edge finish, packaging, labelling etc.).  Please indicate precisely what is required and we shall do our best to meet your specification.

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