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Terbium Sputtering Target

Our Terbium Sputtering Target Discs are thin circular plates of high purity terbium. Available in 2 sizes, this rare earth metal is known for its unique magnetic and optical properties. When used in sputtering, these discs enable the precise deposition of thin films on substrates, enhancing the performance of electronic components. The terbium sputtering process is widely employed in the production of magneto-optical devices, sensors and advanced memory storage systems. The exceptional properties of terbium contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies, making these target discs essential in modern materials science and electronics.
Diameter: 50mm
Technical Name: Terbium
Formula: Tb
Percentage Purity: 99%
Density: 8.272g/cm³
CAS Number: 7440-27-9
Thickness: 1mm
UOM Code: 821-395-20
SKU: 1000211570
Product Code: TB00-ST-000100
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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Material Properties for Metals

Atomic Properties
Element Value
Atomic number 65
Crystal structure Hexagonal close packed
Electronic structure Xe 4f⁹ 6s²
Valences shown 3,4
Atomic weight( amu ) 158.9254
Thermal neutron absorption cross-section( Barns ) 30
Photo-electric work function( eV ) 3
Atomic radius - Goldschmidt( nm ) 0.177
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 2/ 11.52
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 1/ 5.85
Mechanical Properties
Element Value
Material condition Polycrystalline
Poisson's ratio 0.265
Bulk modulus( GPa ) 40.8
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 57.5
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 60
Electrical Properties
Element Value
Electrical resistivity( µOhmcm ) 116@20@20°C
Physical Properties
Element Value
Boiling point( C ) 3123
Density( gcm⁻³ ) 8.272@20°C
Thermal Properties
Element Value
Melting point( C ) 1356
Latent heat of evaporation( J g⁻¹ ) 1840
Latent heat of fusion( J g⁻¹ ) 103
Specific heat( J K⁻¹ kg⁻¹ ) 183@25°C
Thermal conductivity( W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ ) 11.1@0-100°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion( x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ) 7@0-100°C
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