Polyimide Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Insulated Wire (Pt92/W 8)

Polyimide Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Insulated Wire (Pt92/W 8) is a high-performance conductor wire produced by Goodfellow. It consists of a platinum/tungsten alloy core surrounded by a polyimide insulation layer. This wire combines the excellent conductivity and high-temperature stability of the platinum/tungsten alloy with the insulating properties and chemical resistance of the polyimide coating. With 18 variations available, this wire can be customized for applications requiring different conductor sizes, insulation thicknesses, and operating temperatures. Example uses include electronics wiring in aerospace systems, medical devices, industrial sensors, and other applications where heat resistance, durability, and signal integrity are critical. The range of polyimide insulated platinum/tungsten wires offered by Goodfellow provides engineers and designers with versatile high-performance interconnect solutions.

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