Aluminium Sizes Honeycomb Panel

The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is a lightweight sandwich panel made of aluminum foils bonded to an aluminum honeycomb core. Its honeycomb core provides excellent bending stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio. With over 65 variations, our range offers different panel thicknesses and cell sizes, as well as a choice of aluminum alloys for the skin and core. These lightweight panels are widely used for interior and exterior aircraft structures, high-speed trains, shipbuilding and satellite structures where light weight and high strength are required. Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are also used for industrial applications like machine guards, mezzanine floors and signboards that require rigid, flat panels with low mass.

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  1. Aluminium Sizes Honeycomb Panel Thickness: 52.3mm
    Cell Size: 6.3mm
    Cell Wall: 0.064mm
    Core Density: 0.083g/cm³
    Facing Skin: Glass Fibre 0.75mm
    Length 1: 300mm
    Length 2: 300mm
    Technical Name: Aluminium
    Formula: Al
    Density: 2.699g/cm³
    CAS Number: 7429-90-5
    Adhesive: Phenolic
    UOM Code: 034-672-02
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