Iron/Chromium/Aluminium Alloy Powder (Fe81/Cr16/Al 3)

Iron/Chromium/Aluminium Alloy Powder (Fe81/Cr16/Al 3) is a metallic powder that we produce in 14 variations. This versatile alloy material can be used in powder metallurgy applications like metal injection molding to create strong, oxidation-resistant parts for the automotive and aerospace industries. With its excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, it is suitable for fabrication into turbine blades, valves, gears and other engine components. Its wear resistance means it also lends itself well to tooling applications. The range of compositions available allows properties like hardness and corrosion resistance to be tailored to specific applications. In fact, with proper processing, Iron/Chromium/Aluminium Alloy Powder (Fe81/Cr16/Al 3) can yield highly durable finished parts.

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