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    • Silver - Wire

      Silver was known to ancient civilisations. Silver is a soft, malleable metal with a characteristic sheen. It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivities of all metals. It is generally found uncombined, or in the sulphide or arsenide ores from which it can be recovered as a cyanide complex which is subsequently reduced to the metal, in aqueous solution, by the use of zinc. The pure metal is stable to water and oxygen but is attacked in air by sulphur bearing compounds to form the characteristic black layer of silver sulphide. It is soluble in sulphuric and nitric acids. Some silver salts are sensitive to light (e.g. AgI, AgCl and AgBr) and are of fundamental importance to photography. Other applications and industries in which silver is used include the manufacture of jewellery (both as the pure metal and as a constituent of various alloys), the electrical industry (e.g. in the manufacture of contacts) and for the silvering of glass.Wire - A single or multiple flexible strand in a range of pure metals or alloys and a variety of diameters. Our range includes ultrafine wires that can also be defined as micro wires and nano wires.

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    Product AG00-WR-000102 99.99% Hard Silver Wire 0.0125mm dia 1m - 20m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.0125mm Temper Hard - Length 1m - 20m
    Product AG00-WR-000104 99.99% Hard Silver Wire 0.015mm dia 1m - 5m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.015mm Temper Hard - Length 1m - 5m
    Product AG00-WR-000106 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.015mm dia 1m - 5m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.015mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 5m
    Product AG00-WR-000105 99.99% Silver Wire 0.025mm dia 1 m - 5 m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.025mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1 m - 5 m
    Product AG00-WR-000107 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.025mm dia 1m - 100m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.025mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 100m
    Product AG00-WR-000110 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.05mm dia 1m - 1000m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.05mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 1000m
    Product AG00-WR-000220 99.99% Gold Plated Silver Wire 0.05mm dia 0.5m - 60m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.05mm - Coating Gold Plated Wire Length 0.5m - 60m
    Product AG00-WR-000113 99.99% Silver Wire 0.075mm dia 1m - 2000m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.075mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1m - 2000m
    Product AG00-WR-000233 Silver - Wire Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.083mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1m - 100m
    Product AG00-WR-000116 99.99% Silver Wire 0.1mm dia 1m - 1000m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.1mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1m - 1000m
    Product AG00-WR-000120 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.125mm dia 1m - 1000m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.125mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 1000m
    Product AG00-WR-000124 99.99% Silver Wire 0.15mm dia 1m - 500m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.15mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1m - 500m
    Product AG00-WR-000127 99.99% Silver Wire 0.2mm dia 1m - 800m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.2mm Temper As Drawn - Length 1m - 800m
    Product AG00-WR-000130 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.25mm dia 1m - 495m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.25mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 495m
    Product AG00-WR-000140 99.997% Silver Wire 0.25mm dia 0.1m - 250m L Purity 99.997% Diameter 0.25mm Temper As Drawn - Length 0.1m - 250m
    Product AG00-WR-000145 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.35mm dia 1m - 200m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.35mm Temper Annealed - Length 1m - 200m
    Product AG00-WR-000150 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 0.5mm dia 0.5m - 485m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.5mm Temper Annealed - Length 0.5m - 485m
    Product AG00-WR-000155 99.99% Silver Wire 0.8mm dia 0.5m - 100m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.8mm Temper As Drawn - Length 0.5m - 100m
    Product AG00-WR-000160 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 1mm dia 0.1m - 60m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 1mm Temper Annealed - Length 0.1m - 60m
    Product AG00-WR-000170 99.99% Annealed Silver Wire 2mm dia 0.1m - 30m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 2mm Temper Annealed - Length 0.1m - 30m
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