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    • Iron - Wire

      Iron was known and used by ancient civilisations. One of the most abundant metals (41000 ppm in the earth's crust), iron is probably one of the most important, being used on the largest scale of any metal. Its production in the blast furnace is well documented. When pure, iron is a lustrous white metal which is soft and very workable. However, it is reactive and easily forms a coating of hydrated oxide on its surface in the presence of moist air. This is non-coherent and flakes easily to reveal fresh surfaces for attack. Iron is soluble in dilute acids, where Fe(II) is produced in solution; more oxidising acids produce Fe(III) solutions and strongly oxidising agents (e.g. dichromate or concentrated nitric acid) produce a passive form of the metal, probably as a result of the formation of a coherent surface film of oxide. Depending upon the temperature, pure iron can exist in three forms, namely alpha-, gamma- and delta-iron; alpha iron is a polymorphic form of iron which is stable below 906C; it has a body centred cubic lattice (bcc) and is magnetic up to 768C. Gamma iron is a polymorphic form of iron which is stable between 906C and 1403C; it has a face centred cubic lattice (fcc) and is nonmagnetic (n.b. its range of stability is reduced by the presence of carbon, manganese and nickel and it is the basis of the austenite solid solutions). Delta iron is the polymorphic form of iron which is stable between 1403C and the melting point; it has the same lattice structure as alpha iron. Iron is the basis for many types of steel, the properties being achieved by the alloying of iron with carbon, nickel, chromium and other elements in varying proportions which results in materials with vastly differing mechanical and physical properties. Iron is also an essential element for all life forms, the average human body containing 4 gm of the element. The majority of iron in the body is present within haemoglobin, the respiratory pigment which provides the mechanism for the transportation of oxygen by red blood cells.Wire - A single or multiple flexible strand in a range of pure metals or alloys and a variety of diameters. Our range includes ultrafine wires that can also be defined as micro wires and nano wires.

    17 results

    Product FE00-WR-000105 99.99% Iron Wire 0.025mm dia 1m - 500m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.025mm Temper As Drawn Length 1m - 500m
    Product FE00-WR-000106 99.5% Iron Wire 0.03mm dia 1m - 1000m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.03mm Temper As Drawn Length 1m - 1000m
    Product FE00-WR-000110 99.5% Hard Iron Wire 0.05mm dia 1m - 1000m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.05mm Temper Hard Length 1m - 1000m
    Product FE00-WR-000112 99.5% Hard Iron Wire 0.065mm dia 1m - 2000m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.065mm Temper Hard Length 1m - 2000m
    Product FE00-WR-000121 99.5% Hard Iron Wire 0.125mm dia 1m - 10000m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.125mm Temper Hard Length 1m - 10000m
    Product FE00-WR-000125 99.99% Hard Iron Wire 0.13mm dia 0.5m - 100m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.13mm Temper Hard Length 0.5m - 100m
    Product FE00-WR-000131 99.5% Hard Iron Wire 0.25mm dia 1m - 3000m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.25mm Temper Hard Length 1m - 3000m
    Product FE00-WR-000140 99.99% Hard Iron Wire 0.25mm dia 0.5m - 200m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.25mm Temper Hard Length 0.5m - 200m
    Product FE00-WR-000141 99.99% Annealed Iron Wire 0.25mm dia 0.5m - 500m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.25mm Temper Annealed Length 0.5m - 500m
    Product FE00-WR-000153 99.95% Iron Wire 0.5mm dia 1m - 100m L Purity 99.95% Diameter 0.5mm Temper As Drawn Length 1m - 100m
    Product FE00-WR-000155 99.99% Hard Iron Wire 0.5mm dia 0.1m - 30m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 0.5mm Temper Hard Length 0.1m - 30m
    Product FE00-WR-000156 99.998% Iron Wire 0.5mm dia 0.05m - 50m L Purity 99.998% Diameter 0.5mm Temper As Drawn Length 0.05m - 50m
    Product FE00-WR-000165 99.5% Annealed Iron Wire 0.8mm dia 1m - 249m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.8mm Temper Annealed Length 1m - 249m
    Product FE00-WR-000183 99.5% Annealed Iron Wire 0.9mm dia 1m - 900m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 0.9mm Temper Annealed Length 1m - 900m
    Product FE00-WR-000172 99.5% Annealed Iron Wire 1mm dia 1m - 500m L Purity 99.5% Diameter 1mm Temper Annealed Length 1m - 500m
    Product FE00-WR-000176 99.95% Iron Wire 1mm dia 0.5m - 150m L Purity 99.95% Diameter 1mm Temper As Drawn Length 0.5m - 150m
    Product FE00-WR-000180 99.99% Iron Wire 1mm dia 0.1m - 50m L Purity 99.99% Diameter 1mm Temper As Drawn Length 0.1m - 50m
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