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    • Iridium - Rod

      Discovered in 1803 in London by S. Tennant. Iridium is a rare, precious metal which is hard, brittle and has a low ductility, which makes it a difficult material to work. In appearance, it is a lustrous, silvery metal. It has an abundance in the earth's crust of approximately 3x10⁻⁶ ppm. As might be expected from its position in the periodic table, iridium is stable to air and water and is not attacked by any acids, including "aqua regia" (this acid is used to separate iridium from the other platinum group metals). However, fused NaOH will attack iridium. It is extremely corrosion resistant and is used as an alloying agent with metals such as gold and osmium to produce alloys which are extremely hard and have good corrosion resistance. Iridium is also used in spark plugs, and its radioactive isotope, ¹⁹²Ir is a medium energy gamma emitter used for industrial radiography.Rod - A straight length of circular section material.

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    Product IR00-RD-000115 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 1.25mm Temper As Drawn Length 6mm - 500mm
    Product IR00-RD-000120 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 2mm Temper As Drawn Length 6mm - 200mm
    Product IR00-RD-000130 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 3mm Temper As Drawn Length 10mm - 50mm
    Product IR00-RD-000135 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 4mm Temper As Drawn Length 6mm - 50mm
    Product IR00-RD-000138 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 5mm Temper As Drawn Length 5mm - 50mm
    Product IR00-RD-000140 Iridium - Rod Purity 99.9% Diameter 6mm Temper As Drawn Length 5 mm - 30 mm
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