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    Your global supplier for materials

    About Goodfellow

    Goodfellow was established in London in 1946, since then we’ve grown our operations across France, Germany, the USA and China. We are a specialist supplier of high-quality metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and other materials, for research, development and specialist production within science and industry worldwide. 

    The Goodfellow Advantage

    Extensive range of
    Over 70,000
    catalogue products

    Free delivery on in-stock items despatched within 48 hours

    No minimum
    order quantities

    All of our products are underpinned by the ISO 9001 quality accreditation

    Product Advantages

    At Goodfellow, nothing stands still for very long. We strive for new ways to meet our customers’ needs, whether that’s a no minimum order quantity, free delivery* or our 48-hour despatch. Our in-house manufacturing capability allows us the flexibility to modify products for any bespoke requests, whilst our technical support engineers are on hand to inform and help our customers in finding the right solutions every time.

    As a leading global supplier of metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, composites and compounds, we take our work very seriously. In fact, we’ve spent over 75 years facilitating scientific innovation. We have a vast range of 70,000 catalogue products, all of which are underpinned by the most rigorous quality accreditations.

    * additional charges may apply for hazardous products

    All Products

    Team Expertise

    Our in-house team of scientists and engineers have extensive knowledge of materials and processing. The people who make up Goodfellow are passionate innovators, at the cutting edge of development. Their technical mastery can be credited for new material applications and developing entirely new products, whilst helping customers overcome complex challenges and unlocking opportunities.

    The team at Goodfellow always look beyond the status quo and challenge it, seeking new and improved ways of doing things. Our experts identify solutions to everyday problems across sectors, in all areas of business. We are proud to be receptive to new ideas and ways of working, as we are always pushing to improve and continuously evolve as a team.

    Meet our Technical Team

    An in-house team of scientists and engineers with extensive knowledge

    Over 50 combined years of industry experience

    Over 20 combined qualifications in materials science fields

    Precision machining
    (e.g. cutting, turning, rolling)

    (e.g. bending, shaping)

    (almost any metal or polymer to a defined degree)

    Surface treatment
    (e.g. mechanical, polishing and chemical polishing)

    Bespoke Capabilities

    With over 6,000 customers worldwide, Goodfellow aims to cater to all needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke products and processing services, in order to develop custom-fabricated components in any quantity you may require. We help our customers to explore materials, by reverse engineering components and understand the right solution for an application.

    Besides supplying materials, we also offer custom manufacturing solutions, such as precision machining, forming, coating and surface treatments. Our non-catalogue items and customised products also include machined components, injection-moulded parts and specially produced material.

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