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    • Silicio - Pezzo grezzo

      Silicon was discovered in 1824 by J.J. Berzelius in Stockholm, Sweden. After carbon, silcon is the most abundant element on earth, the abundance being 277,000 ppm. It is generally present as a silicate, these being found in many rocks, clays and soils. Silicon is obtained by reducing silica (sand, SiO₂), with carbon. Further purification of the element for applications requiring high purity material (e.g. semi conductor devices) is achieved by zone refining, the resulting purity being better than 1:10⁹. Silicon exists in two allotropic forms; brown silicon is a powder, whereas crystalline (metallic) silicon is grey and it is the latter which is more widely used. Bulk silicon is unreactive towards oxygen, water, acids (excluding HF), but is soluble in hot alkalis. Silicon has many applications in various industries; for example, ultra high purity silicon is used in the semiconductor industry as a result of its semiconducting properties. Silicon is also used as an alloying element in the manufacture of certain alloys (e.g. ferrosilicon, an alloy of iron and silicon which is used to introduce silicon into steel and cast iron). It is also used in the manufacture of glass.Pezzo grezzo - Un pezzo di materiale solido senza una forma definita.

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    Prodotto SI00-LP-000103 Silicio - Pezzo grezzo Maximum Lump Size 5mm Peso 50g - 500g Purity 99.99%
    Prodotto SI00-LP-000105 Silicio - Pezzo grezzo Maximum Lump Size 6.6mm Peso 10g - 100g Purity 99.99%
    Prodotto SI00-LP-000100 Silicio - Pezzo grezzo Maximum Lump Size 25mm Peso 50g - 200g Purity 100.0%
    Prodotto SI00-LP-000101 Silicio - Pezzo grezzo Maximum Lump Size 25mm Peso 50g - 500g Purity 99.99%
    Prodotto SI00-LP-000102 Silicio - Pezzo grezzo Maximum Lump Size 25mm Peso 50g - 500g Purity 99.95%
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