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    Copper wire on a large reel for use in scientific industry and manufacturing

    Discover Goodfellow's Extensive Range of Wires for Scientific Experimentation



    Wires are a vital component in some of modern society’s most significant innovations, from life-saving medical devices to essential electronics. We're proud to support the latest in global innovation through our extensive range of specialist wires.

    Designed to meet the varied demands of scientific research and industry, our wires selection spans thirty-two materials and is available for global despatch within 48 hours. We have over seven decades of experience supplying premium quality wires to innovators across the globe and are able to satisfy even the most complex project requirements.

    Discover our in-stock wires here or enquire with our Sales and Service team for more on how we can help you.



    Over One Thousand Metal Wires to Support your Innovations


    Choose your Wire Material

    Our wires range features thirty-two material options to suit a multitude of applications. From pure elemental wires to alloy wires, we’re bound to have something in-stock to satisfy your needs. And if we don’t? Our procurement team can outsource your required wire to save you searching elsewhere.

    Popular metal wires included as part of our specialist product range include:


    Choose your Wire Diameter

    With miniaturisation the driving force behind many modern scientific developments, wire diameter is more important than ever. Goodfellow’s comprehensive range of metal wires includes diameters between 0.0006mm to 6.35mm to suit a broad spectrum of project applications. 


    Choose your Wire Length

    How long is a piece of wire? You tell us. The intricate nature of wire-based applications means that standard length wires often require modifications before usage. Our skilled in-house team can remove this extra step from your process by cutting metal wires to your desired length and flattening or re-coiling where necessary. We offer wire lengths between 0.1m – 100m as standard, with further customisation opportunities available. 


    Choose your Wire Coating

    At Goodfellow, we’ll do whatever in our power to help our customers’ innovations become a success. One way in which we do this is though our custom coating and plating services – which includes our wires range. We can coat or plate your desired wire to enhance its properties in line with your intended usage. This service is particularly suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is vital, for example when using wire as a thermal barrier or within a biomedical device.



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