Goodfellow's economic growth despite recent challenges for the British economy

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April 12, 2024
Goodfellow's economic growth despite recent challenges for the British economy

Andrew Watson, Goodfellow’s Chief Financial Officer, discusses economic growth with the BBC today as part of the British Economy sees growth in February despite challenges.

February showed a growth of 0.1% for the UK economy, boosted by production and manufacturing industries, signalling the hope it's on its way out of recession.  

Andrew Watson explained that last year the firm was hit by disruption from attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea and supply chains were tight after the pandemic, “but overall we saw growth. 

“You’ve got this weird mix of the economy not doing so well in terms of GDP and yet we feel like we’ve got opportunities to grow – and we just have to push forward and access those opportunities.” 

He suggested that economic growth in the UK has been “anaemic” since covid, with more opportunities presenting themselves in the United States.  

Other countries' economies have also faced energy price shocks and supply chain delays in the wake of the pandemic driving up costs, as well as the potential knock-on effects from conflicts overseas, but the UK has seen growth stagnate for some time.  

Goodfellow is a leading global advanced materials supplier for scientific R&D, prototyping and small to medium-sized manufacturing. It employs over 100 people at its Huntingdon factory.  


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