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Lanthanum manganite Sputtering Target

Perovskite Lanthanum Manganite Sputtering Target Discs are an advanced material available as part of our large range of specialty metals. Made to the highest quality, they provide a reliable and consistent thin film deposition of lanthanum manganite perovskite. With a high melting point and electrical conductivity, lanthanum manganite films have applications in microelectronics, sensors and solid oxide fuel cells. We offer these discs in a choice of 2 diameters to accommodate different deposition systems.
Formula: LaMnO₃
Thickness: 3.175mm
Diameter: 25.4mm
Type: Perovskite
UOM Code: 861-646-45
SKU: 1000159656
Product Code: LA62-ST-000131
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Safety Data Sheet

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