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Beryllium Rod

Our Beryllium Rods are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent thermal stability. These rods come in several4 variations with diameters ranging from 2mm to 10mm. They’re valued for applications requiring rigidity and heat resistance, such as aerospace components or high-precision scientific instruments. With their unique material properties, our Beryllium Rods provide versatile solutions for design engineers across industries.
Length: 20mm
Technical Name: Beryllium
Formula: Be
Percentage Purity: 99%
Density: 1.848g/cm³
CAS Number: 7440-41-7
Diameter: 7mm
UOM Code: 991-399-33
SKU: 1000035658
Product Code: BE00-RD-000131


Diameter =<10mm ±10%
Diameter >10mm ±5%

Acute toxicity

Serious health hazard

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Diameter =<10mm ±10%
Diameter >10mm ±5%
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Material Properties for Metals

Atomic Properties
Element Value
Atomic number 4
Crystal structure Hexagonal close packed
Electronic structure He 2s²
Valences shown 2
Atomic weight( amu ) 9.01218
Thermal neutron absorption cross-section( Barns ) 0.0092
Photo-electric work function( eV ) 3.4
Atomic radius - Goldschmidt( nm ) 0.113
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 2/ 18.2
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 1/ 9.32
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 4/ 218
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 3/ 154
Mechanical Properties
Element Value
Material condition Hard
Material condition Soft
Poisson's ratio 0.02
Poisson's ratio 0.02
Bulk modulus( GPa ) 110
Bulk modulus( GPa ) 110
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 318
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 318
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 150
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 200
Tensile strength( MPa ) 550
Tensile strength( MPa ) 310
Yield strength( MPa ) 345
Yield strength( MPa ) 240
Electrical Properties
Element Value
Electrical resistivity( µOhmcm ) 3.3@20@20°C
Superconductivity critical temperature( K ) 0.026
Temperature coefficient( K⁻¹ ) 0.009@0-100°C
Physical Properties
Element Value
Boiling point( C ) 2470
Density( gcm⁻³ ) 1.848@20°C
Thermal Properties
Element Value
Melting point( C ) 1278
Latent heat of evaporation( J g⁻¹ ) 32470
Latent heat of fusion( J g⁻¹ ) 1350
Specific heat( J K⁻¹ kg⁻¹ ) 1825@25°C
Thermal conductivity( W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ ) 201@0-100°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion( x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ) 12@0-100°C
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