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    • Tungsten Alloys - Rod

      Alloys are mixtures of a metal with other elements, the precise combination being governed by the required properties. Alloys are generally considered to be metallic in nature i.e. they have good thermal and electrical conductivities). Alloys can be manufactured by various routes, the most widely used being to melt the constituents together and to cool the resultant mixture to form a single or multi-phase solid. Rod - A straight length of circular section material.

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    Product W-01-RD-000108 Tungsten/Rhenium - Rod Diameter 8mm Length 10mm - 100mm
    Product W-11-RD-000115 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 3.5mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-11-RD-000117 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 4mm Length 200mm
    Product W-11-RD-000120 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 6.25mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-11-RD-000125 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 8mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-11-RD-000130 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 12.7mm Length 115 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-11-RD-000135 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 16mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-11-RD-000140 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 25mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-13-RD-000120 Thoriated Tungsten - Rod Diameter 6.35mm Length 50 mm - 300 mm
    Product W-13-RD-000130 Thoriated Tungsten - Rod Diameter 8mm Length 150mm
    Product W-13-RD-000140 Thoriated Tungsten - Rod Diameter 12.7mm Length 50 mm - 150 mm
    Product W-16-RD-000110 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 6mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-16-RD-000120 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 12mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-16-RD-000140 Tungsten/Copper - Rod Diameter 25mm Length 100 mm - 200 mm
    Product W-25-RD-000140 Tungsten/Nickel/Iron - Rod Diameter 25mm Length 105 mm
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