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    • Rhenium - Wire

      Rhenium was discovered in 1925 by W. Noddack, O. Berg and Ida Tacke in Berlin, Germany. Rhenium was named after "Rhenus", the Latin name for the Rhine. It is a rare element (abundance 4 x 10⁻⁴ ppm in the earth's crust) and does not occur in quantity in any ore. It is found in ores which contain molybdenum from which it can be readily recovered. The metal is obtained by hydrogen reduction of the potassium perrhenate salt, obtained by precipitation of the perrhenate ion (ReO₄)⁻- from an oxidized solution. Rhenium is a silvery colored metal which resists corrosion and oxidation but slowly tarnishes in moist air. It is soluble in nitric and sulfuric acids. Applications for the metal include its use as an alloying element with tungsten, the resulting alloy having a very high electrical resistance making it suitable for electrical filaments. Rhenium has a very high melting point and is used in high temperature thermocouples, electrical contacts and thermistors.Wire - A single or multiple flexible strand of pure metal or alloy.

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    Product RE00-WR-000105 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.076mm dia 0.1m - 10m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.076mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 10m
    Product RE00-WR-000106 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.1mm dia 0.1m - 2m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.1mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 2m
    Product RE00-WR-000108 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.125mm dia 0.1m - 5m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.125mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 5m
    Product RE00-WR-000110 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.15mm dia 0.1m - 20m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.15mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 20m
    Product RE00-WR-000112 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.178mm dia 0.1m - 15m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.178mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 15m
    Product RE00-WR-000115 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.2mm dia 0.1m - 25m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.2mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 25m
    Product RE00-WR-000120 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.25mm dia 0.1m - 30.5m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.25mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 30.5m
    Product RE00-WR-000125 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.3mm dia 0.1m - 50m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.3mm Temper Annealed Length 0.1m - 50m
    Product RE00-WR-000130 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 0.5mm dia 0.05m - 5m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 0.5mm Temper Annealed Length 0.05m - 5m
    Product RE00-WR-000140 99.97% Annealed Rhenium Wire 1mm dia 0.025m - 1m L Purity 99.97% Diameter 1mm Temper Annealed Length 0.025m - 1m
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