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Beryllium Flakes

Beryllium Flakess are made from small pieces of beryllium known for being strong yet lightweight with excellent thermal conductivity. Available in 8 sizes, its flake form provides a large surface area for applications where surface interactions are important. Beryllium Flakess are well-suited to use as an evaporation material, as well as in aerospace applications, alloy production and as a neutron reflector.
Weight: 20g
Technical Name: Beryllium
Formula: Be
Percentage Purity: 99.5%
Density: 1.848g/cm³
CAS Number: 7440-41-7
Type: Electrolytic
Maximum Flake size: 10mm
UOM Code: 226-889-15
SKU: 1000035547
Product Code: BE00-FK-000100

Acute toxicity

Serious health hazard

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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Material Properties for Metals

Atomic Properties
Element Value
Atomic number 4
Crystal structure Hexagonal close packed
Electronic structure He 2s²
Valences shown 2
Atomic weight( amu ) 9.01218
Thermal neutron absorption cross-section( Barns ) 0.0092
Photo-electric work function( eV ) 3.4
Atomic radius - Goldschmidt( nm ) 0.113
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 2/ 18.2
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 1/ 9.32
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 4/ 218
Ionisation potential( No./eV ) 3/ 154
Mechanical Properties
Element Value
Material condition Hard
Material condition Soft
Poisson's ratio 0.02
Poisson's ratio 0.02
Bulk modulus( GPa ) 110
Bulk modulus( GPa ) 110
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 318
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 318
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 150
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 200
Tensile strength( MPa ) 550
Tensile strength( MPa ) 310
Yield strength( MPa ) 345
Yield strength( MPa ) 240
Electrical Properties
Element Value
Electrical resistivity( µOhmcm ) 3.3@20@20°C
Superconductivity critical temperature( K ) 0.026
Temperature coefficient( K⁻¹ ) 0.009@0-100°C
Physical Properties
Element Value
Boiling point( C ) 2470
Density( gcm⁻³ ) 1.848@20°C
Thermal Properties
Element Value
Melting point( C ) 1278
Latent heat of evaporation( J g⁻¹ ) 32470
Latent heat of fusion( J g⁻¹ ) 1350
Specific heat( J K⁻¹ kg⁻¹ ) 1825@25°C
Thermal conductivity( W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ ) 201@0-100°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion( x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ) 12@0-100°C
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