Announcing our new range of ultrafine wires

Announcing our new range of ultrafine wires
8 November 2022
Announcing our new range of ultrafine wires

Smaller, lighter, more precise - miniaturisation is the driving force behind many research and development projects and we're pleased to announce our partnership with Eliri to launch our new range of ultrafine wires.

With a variety of diameters available less than 1μm and comprised of your choice of platinum, gold, silver, nickel or copper, our bespoke service can also produce wires in a variety of alloys. Contact our Technical Team for more information:

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Also known as microwires and nanowires, our products are available with or without a continuous glass insulation coating and are perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • biological sensors and medical devices
  • aerospace and aviation electrical devices and sensors
  • applications where chemical inertia is required, such as underwater sensing
  • inductive converters and converters measuring non-electrical quantities such as temperature, pressure, speed, force, mass, etc.
  • transformers and windings of electric motors
  • resistors and high-voltage dividers
  • applications where the complexity of filamentary microstructure, intricate geometries and tight tolerances are requested
  • ignition electrodes and catalytic electrodes
  • smart devices

When insulated with our innovative glass insulation that provides high electrical strength and a wide operating temperature range (-100°C to over 400°C), chemical inertia, and resistance to radiation and pressure, they avoid the mechanical, thermal and electrical compromises you may find in other products.

Available in lengths of 1, 2 or 5m, we can also offer a custom range of lengths of insulated and bare wires, coated or uncoated, to meet the needs of your research or industrial project. For further information, or to discuss a non-catalogue order, speak to a member of our team through the link below:

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