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Alumina Classic Crucible

The Alumina Classic Crucible is one of Goodfellow's range of ceramic crucibles used in high temperature laboratory applications. With 9 variations available, including sizes from 15ml to 500ml, these crucibles provide excellent thermal shock resistance and high purity. The alumina material enables use to over 1800°C in vacuum or inert atmospheres. Typical applications for the Alumina Classic Crucible include serving as containers for metal melting, glassmaking and calcination processes. These crucibles are also suitable as boats for the zone refining of semiconductors.
Formula: Al₂O₃
Percentage Purity: 99.8%
Capacity: 350ml
Outside Diameter: 81mm
Inside Diameter: 74mm
Height: 107mm
CAS Number: 1344-28-1
UOM Code: 773-495-38
SKU: 1000022851
Product Code: AL60-CB-000180


Outside Diameter ±10%
Inside Diameter ±10%
Height ±10%
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Outside Diameter ±10%
Inside Diameter ±10%
Height ±10%
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Material Properties for Ceramics

Chemical Resistance
Element Value
Acids - concentrated Good
Acids - dilute Good
Alkalis Good
Halogens Good
Metals Good
Electrical Properties
Element Value
Dielectric constant 9-10.1
Dielectric strength( kV mm⁻¹ ) Oct-35
Volume resistivity( Ohmcm ) >10¹⁴@25
Physical Properties
Element Value
Apparent porosity( % ) 0
Water absorption - saturation( % ) 0
Density( gcm⁻³ ) 3.9
Thermal Properties
Element Value
Melting point( C ) 2100
Upper continuous use temperature( C ) 1700
Specific heat( J K⁻¹ kg⁻¹ ) 850-900@25°C
Thermal conductivity( W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ ) 26-35@20°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion( x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ) 8@20-1000°C
Mechanical Properties
Element Value
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 300-400
Hardness - Knoop( kgf mm⁻² ) 2100
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 1500-1650
Shear strength( MPa ) 330
Tensile strength( MPa ) 260-300
Element Value
Compressive strength( MPa ) 2200-2600
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