Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Spooled Wire (Pt92/W 8)

Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Spooled Wire (Pt92/W 8) is a specialty metal product offered by Goodfellow in their extensive range of wires and rods. With 54 variations, this alloy combines the corrosion resistance and high melting point of platinum with the high strength and hardness of tungsten. The customizability of the platinum to tungsten ratio allows tailoring of mechanical and electrical properties. Typical applications of Platinum/Tungsten Alloy Spooled Wire (Pt92/W 8) include high-temperature electric heating elements, thermocouples, and crucibles or vessels for handling corrosive chemicals at extreme temperatures. The range of sizes and alloys makes this wire suitable for specialty research, industrial, and scientific applications.

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