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Fused Silica Sheet

Our Fused Silica sheets offer high purity and optical quality fused quartz in sheet form. With extremely low thermal expansion and exceptional transmission properties across a broad wavelength range, Fused Silica sheets find widespread use in optics, semiconductor fabrication and other demanding applications. A versatile material, Fused Silica sheets meet the needs many optical, electronic, and industrial applications.
Formula: SiO₂
Thickness: 0.635mm
Length 1: 15mm
Length 2: 15mm
CAS Number: 7631-86-9
UOM Code: 021-868-94
SKU: 1000002656
Product Code: SI82-SH-000163


Thickness ±20%
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Thickness ±20%
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Material Properties for Glasses

Chemical Resistance
Element Value
Acids - concentrated Good
Acids - dilute Good
Alkalis Fair
Halogens Good
Metals Fair
Magnetic Properties
Element Value
Maximum permeability 365-2500nm
Coercivity - as cast( A m⁻¹ ) 1.46
Remanence ratio( Br/Bs ) 1715
Saturation flux density( T ) 3.8
Physical Properties
Element Value
Apparent porosity( % ) 0
Water absorption - saturation( % ) 0
Density( gcm⁻³ ) 2.18
Thermal Properties
Element Value
Upper continuous use temperature( C ) 900-1200
Specific heat( J K⁻¹ kg⁻¹ ) 750@25°C
Thermal conductivity( W m⁻¹ K⁻¹ ) 1.2-1.4@20°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion( x10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ) 0.5-0.75@20-1000°C
Mechanical Properties
Element Value
Tensile modulus( GPa ) 65-75
Hardness - Vickers( kgf mm⁻² ) 490
Electrical Properties
Element Value
Volume resistivity( Ohmcm ) 10¹⁴@25
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