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    • Borides - Platte

      A boride is a compound between boron and a less electronegative element, for example silicon boride (SiB3 and SiB6). The borides are a very large group of compounds that are generally high melting and are covalent more than ionic in nature. Some borides exhibit very useful physical properties. The term boride is also loosely applied to compounds such as B12As2 (N.B. Arsenic has an electronegativity higher than boron) that is often referred to as icosahedral boride.

      Platte - Flaches Material mit einer Dicke >0,5mm.

    2 Ergebnisse

    Produkt TI61-SH-000100 Titandiborid - Platte 3 mm dick Dicke 3mm Size 25mm x 25mm
    Produkt TI61-SH-000125 Titandiborid - Platte 3,25 mm dick Dicke 3.25mm Size 30mm x 30mm
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