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    • Palladio - Tondino

      Discovered in 1803 by W.H. Woollaston in London, England. Palladium is a member of the platinum group of metals. It is silvery white in colour, is malleable and ductile, and is one of the most reactive in the group. It has an abundance of 6x10⁻⁶ in the earth's crust. Palladium has good corrosion resistance but is soluble in oxidising acids and fused alkalis. It readily absorbs hydrogen gas (up to 900 times its own volume), but its main use is as a catalyst for hydrogenation. Palladium is also used within the electronics industry and in some dental applications.Tondino - Una lunghezza diritta di materiale dalla sezione circolare.

    6 risultati

    Prodotto PD00-RD-000120 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 2mm Lunghezza 10mm - 500mm Purity 99.95%
    Prodotto PD00-RD-000125 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 3mm Lunghezza 10 mm - 100 mm Purity 99.95%
    Prodotto PD00-RD-000140 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 4mm Lunghezza 10 mm - 100 mm Purity 99.95%
    Prodotto PD00-RD-000150 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 6mm Lunghezza 6mm - 50mm Purity 99.95%
    Prodotto PD00-RD-000160 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 10mm Lunghezza 10mm - 200mm Purity 99.95%
    Prodotto PD00-RD-000161 Palladio - Tondino Diametro 12mm Lunghezza 25mm - 100mm Purity 99.95%
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